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France will introduce a ban on hunting under the influence of alcohol and the obligation to train hunters

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The French government will introduce a ban on hunting under the influence of alcohol and the obligation to train hunters. The AFP agency points out that the French authorities will not push through the “day without hunting” plan, which was sought by organizations fighting against hunting.

After several months of debate, the government has decided that an application will be introduced in the autumn to inform about the hours and places where hunting takes place, said the Minister of Ecology Berangere Couillard after a meeting with the French Biodiversity Office (OFB), which grants hunting permits and supervises hunting .

The aim of the new regulations, which the government intends to introduce, is to “reduce accidents to zero”. According to the OFB, their number has been decreasing for 20 years, but in the 2021-2022 hunting season there were 90 accidents, eight of them fatal, and two of the victims shot had nothing to do with hunting.

France will not introduce a “day without hunting”

Under the influence of the hunting lobby, the government abandoned the plan to introduce a “day without hunting”, which was criticized by organizations fighting for animal rights and welfare. “It’s an unacceptable disregard for 80 percent. French people who expected it, said the head of the Bird Protection League, Allain Bougrain-Dubourg.

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AFP reports that in poll ifop center 78 percent of respondents declared that they would like a “day without hunting”.

In 2020, the Council of State – a constitutional body acting as the highest administrative court – supported the government’s ban on glue-catching birds, rejecting the hunters’ request to overturn the government’s decision. This method of hunting birds is condemned by ecologists and ornithologists, but supported by some politicians seeking to win over the rural electorate.

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