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Franciszek Jurgielewicz, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, has been fighting for justice for many years

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I have one foot in Afghanistan all the time – says Mr. Franciszek, because he lost a leg in the war in Afghanistan. He also has damaged eyesight and 100% health impairment. He is fighting for PLN 3 million and has just heard a court verdict in his case.

On May 15, 2010, the transporter Rosomak, commanded by Sergeant Franciszek Jurgielewicz, was ambushed by the Taliban. “The first shell hit, burned through, and I got the whole shockwave on myself,” says the veteran of the Afghanistan mission. Military medics saved his life, but failed to save his leg. – An infection set in and Bagram’s leg was amputated. I also have one foot in Afghanistan all the time – says Franciszek Jurgielewicz. He has undergone several operations. He has damaged eyesight. The medical commission stated that he was 100% disabled. For ten years, the veteran has been fighting with the Ministry of National Defense for an increase in his pension, compensation and compensation. He wants three million zlotys. The court in Warsaw just agreed with him. Partly.

– It orders the defendant, the State Treasury, the Minister of National Defense, to pay the plaintiff, Franciszek Jurgielewicz, the amount of PLN 600,000 with statutory interest – said Piotr Królikowski from the District Court in Warsaw. This is the compensation amount. The other claims were rejected by the court. – Compensation is beneficial and here I bow my head in this case, and I probably should not have any objections here – says Mr. Franciszek. However, the pace of work of the judiciary raises reservations. Governments changed during this time. There were three ministers of national defense. – This is the longest case I have conducted before the Polish courts. It has been going on for almost 10 years. To this day, I cannot understand why a man who has given what is most precious, health, to his homeland, has to strive for justice for so long – believes Piotr Sławek, attorney at law and attorney of Mr. Franciszek.

Veteran of the Warsaw Uprising in the crosshairs of the prosecutor’s officeTVN24

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Sergeant Jurgielewicz’s health is deteriorating. His family broke up. “If all this had happened sooner, my life would have been much different,” he said. The editors of “Fakty” TVN asked the Ministry of National Defense whether it would pay the awarded money. There are no direct answers. The ministry informed that the veteran had already received benefits with a total value of over PLN 700,000. Veterans such as Przemysław Wójtowicz claim that systemic solutions are still insufficient.

– The help I received is only help from my loved ones and help from my immediate superiors, who either respected me or thought that I should be helped at that moment. No one is taking care of me now. Even I will not be invited to any ceremony – argues Przemysław Wójtowicz, an expert of the “Stratpoints” foundation, a veteran of the mission in Afghanistan. Since the end of World War II, 121 Poles have died in foreign missions. Several hundred were injured.

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