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Frans Timmermans is leaving European politics. “I want the Netherlands to be a country that foreign countries are looking at again

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During the years spent in Brussels, Frans Timmermans was accused by United Right politicians of anti-Polish obsession, phobia about Poland and being a pest that grills Poland. Only because he stood up for the rule of law in Poland. Now the Dutchman is returning to national politics. He wants to be prime minister.

When asked if he will be a new face in Dutch politics, Frans Timmermans replies with his characteristic biting sense of humor – a quote from Ronald Reagan. – At my age, that would be something. I am already 62 years old. However, I can promise one thing. During the election campaign, I will not take advantage of the fact that my competitors are very young and still very inexperienced, said Frans Timmermans, the outgoing deputy head of the European Commission.

The deputy head of the European Commission resigns from his post in Brussels to return to his homeland and fight for the post of Prime Minister of the Netherlands. This is the end of an era – not only in EU but also in Polish politics. For years, Timmermans was the face of the fight for the rule of law in Poland and Hungary. He was a regular visitor to Warsaw, where he consistently pointed out that the governments of the “good change” departed from the principles of a civilized state ruled by law. “You can’t treat the law selectively or say that because you won the majority, the law can be ignored,” he said in 2017. In response, Frans Timmermans was called by PiS politicians “an enemy of Europe”, “an enemy of Poland”, “a Polish-eater”. Krystyna Pawłowicz even called him an “anti-Polish liar”.

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“Favorite” of Good Change

Timmermans was accused of anti-Polish attitude despite the fact that in 2006 he was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland by President Lech Kaczyński for “activities to commemorate Polish soldiers who liberated the Netherlands during World War II.” In 2014, President Bronisław Komorowski awarded Timmermans the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland – among others for his fight against anti-Polish prejudice in the Netherlands.

Timmermans remained the “favorite” of the Polish right, even when he changed his function in 2019. From the Commissioner for the Rule of Law, he became the Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Green Deal.

Timmermans is the candidate for Prime Minister of the Netherlands on behalf of the left-wing coalition of the Labor Party and the Dutch Greens. – I want the Netherlands to be a country that foreign countries look at with admiration again. Where they will find exemplary solutions to combat climate problems, he announces.

Early general elections will be held in the Netherlands on November 22. A vacuum has been created on the Dutch political scene after longtime Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that he would retire from politics in the autumn.

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