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Fraud. He believed the “prosecutor”, but thanks to the bank employee he did not lose his savings

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That day, several elderly people received calls from the “prosecutor’s office”, who informed them that their savings were at risk and they had to give the money “for safekeeping”. At least one person believed. However, a bank employee managed to warn the 70-year-old in time.

– This gentleman’s problems started last week when he received a phone call. The interlocutor pretended to be a prosecutor. He told the resident of Ostrołęka that the money in his account was at risk. He added that in order for them to be safe, they should be quickly withdrawn from the bank and placed in “safekeeping”. The false prosecutor assured that the cash would be returned immediately after the police action – says Tomasz Żerański from the Ostrołęka police in a statement.

The manipulated 70-year-old believed the version presented to him by the “prosecutor” and went to the bank to withdraw all his savings from his account. It was over PLN 20,000.

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A bank employee saved a man’s savings

Fortunately, he found an experienced employee at the bank. – He quickly made the senior realize that he had probably fallen victim to a fraud. He told him about the most common methods used by fraudsters. He also informed the police about everything. On that day, there were several fraud attempts using this method – informs comm. Tomasz Żerański. – The proper attitude of a bank employee prevented a crime that could have caused the senior to lose his entire life savings. The city police commander in Ostrołęka thanked the bank’s management for the exemplary attitude shown by the employee – he adds.

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Scammers’ methods

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Fraudsters are ruthless, they exploit the trust of their victims and play on their emotions. They impersonate policemen, prosecutors or bank employees. We would like to remind you that prosecutors and police officers do not involve citizens in any actions against criminals. They also do not demand payment of money or taking out loans. It is also worth knowing that criminals can use software that causes our phones to display the names of banks and institutions from which they are supposedly calling. Let’s talk to seniors in our families about the methods used by perpetrators. Let’s tell them how to behave if they receive a call asking for money. Our seniors need to know that no matter what, they cannot give money to strangers!

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