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Fraud. He paid 70,000 in advance and went to Germany to pick up the car

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He wanted to buy a car for sale on the Internet, and although he only saw pictures, he paid the entire amount – PLN 70,000 – at once. He went to Germany to collect it, but neither the seller nor the car was at the agreed place.

Last Saturday, April 15, a resident of Warsaw reported to the District Police Headquarters in Ciechanów, who informed the police that he had been a victim of fraud.

– A 43-year-old man became interested in an advertisement for the sale of a car posted on one of the advertising portals. The seller sent the 43-year-old photos of the vehicle, registration certificate and his ID card to the 43-year-old via messenger. In this way, he lulled the man’s vigilance, who, after telephone contact with the seller, set the conditions for the purchase and collection of the vehicle, and then transferred the agreed amount to the given account – informs the junior asp. Magda Zarembska from the Ciechanów police. – The 43-year-old was supposed to pick up the car from a car repair shop in Germany. Unfortunately, neither the seller nor the car was found at the address indicated. The man lost PLN 70,000 in this way. Police officers from the Ciechanów Economic Crime and Corruption Department are investigating the case.

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Police appeal for caution when shopping online.
– Try to use proven sites. – Always check possible payment methods and contact details of the seller. – Avoid paying in advance, or make it only on proven and trusted portals. – Let’s look at the reviews of both the seller and the store. – Do not believe in great offers and avoid buying items with an abnormally low price; Let’s keep correspondence with the seller. – Never share any of your access passwords. – When we receive a message from the seller, do not go to the store’s or company’s website using the link sent. Always enter the store’s or company’s website by typing its address in a web browser.

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