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Fraud – internet investments. The victim lost 170,000. zloty

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The 31-year-old fell victim to fraudsters operating on the investment market and lost nearly PLN 170,000. The woman was tempted by the prospect of a quick profit and borrowed money from friends, said the spokeswoman of the district headquarters in Leipzig.

On one of the websites of a resident of the pow. Lipskie (Mazowieckie Voivodeship) found an advertisement offering opportunities to profitably invest cash. The woman decided to create an account. She provided her details and provided a photo of her ID card and debit card required by the regulations.

Victim of online financial investments lost 170k. zloty

– Soon after, with a resident of the pow. Lipski was contacted by an alleged adviser. At his persuasion, the 31-year-old paid the first PLN 500, which was a condition for starting investing, said Asp. Monika Karasinska..

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Another consultant persuaded the woman to install a program on her computer that was supposed to facilitate investing and ongoing monitoring of profits. The 31-year-old unknowingly gave criminals access to her computer and bank account.

The fake adviser also convinced the woman that it was worth borrowing money and depositing it into a virtual account to make it profitable. The whole process took more than a month. The victim took several loans from friends and deposited the money into the account, said the police officer.

After a month, when the 31-year-old had already accumulated 245,000 on her account. zlotys, decided to withdraw the money. “Then it turned out that another payment was needed. As confirmation, the woman received a letter from a Swiss bank confirming the transaction. When the victim checked the credibility of the letter, it turned out that it was forged – said the spokeswoman. In total, a resident of Lipski lost nearly 170,000. zloty.

The police once again appeal for caution when performing financial operations via the Internet. – Never give anyone your bank account login details, do not share scans of documents or payment or credit card numbers – emphasized the policewoman.

Uniforms also warn against reckless clicking on the provided links, because in this way you can install unwanted applications and inadvertently expose yourself to the loss of your life savings.

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