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Fraud “on the bank employee” – warning the police. The aggrieved parties lost several hundred thousand zlotys

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Police in Sanok is carrying out several proceedings related to fraud “against a bank employee”. The aggrieved parties lost several hundred thousand zlotys. During a telephone conversation, the criminals pretend to be bank employees. Police officers urge not to share information about your bank account with anyone.

Fraud “on the bank employee” – diagram

As reported by the police, the pattern of fraudsters’ behavior is usually the same.

“A person who presents himself as a representative of the bank in which we have the account calls. Then he informs that an unauthorized person wanted to withdraw money from the bank account, of course he assures that the transaction has not been successfully completed. Then the question is whether there have been any recently any loans taken out “- informs the police.


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Then the person claiming to be a bank representative informs that there are several different loans on our account. Additionally, the interlocutor is asked to install “AnyDesk” or “QuickSupport”.

As emphasized by the police, after installing the application, criminals have access to sms codes sent from the bank to verify banking operations.

“Then the interlocutor is asked to log into the banking application. During the conversation, we are assured that if we follow the instructions, we will be able to withdraw everything. which they will be + safe + “- stated in the police note.

Fraud “on the bank employee” – the appeal of the police

Police officers warn that if such applications are installed on our device, all money is transferred from the bank account without our authorization. In the absence of funds, applications for various types of loans and credits are submitted via electronic banking. In addition, victims often provide fraudsters with a scan or photo of their ID document in order to verify the data.

The police urge not to share your bank account and login details with anyone. “If a person claiming to be a bank employee requests that we verify our details and account details or install any software, let’s hang up and call the bank’s customer service office” – warn the police.

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