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Fraud. She was selling a kid’s backpack, left with a loan to pay off

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She wanted to sell a children’s backpack for PLN 30 online and quickly found a buyer. The 32-year-old clicked on the link sent to her and after some time six thousand zlotys were credited to her account. However, the money quickly disappeared and the woman was left with a loan to repay and a backpack.

A few days ago, a 32-year-old woman reported to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Siedlce, who informed that she had put a children’s backpack for PLN 30 on a well-known sales portal. A willing buyer was quickly found, who via message asked for a phone number “in order to give it to the courier who will pick up the package.” The seller got an SMS. As the sender, there was a sales portal, and in the content there was a link that the 32-year-old clicked on. She was shown a page with the buyer’s details and the amount of PLN 30 for the backpack sold.

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Service desk phone

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– At the same time, the seller’s phone was called by a woman who introduced herself as an employee of the customer service office of the sales portal. She claimed there was a problem transferring funds from the buyer to her account. She instructed the 32-year-old to log in to her bank account via the application in order to update, which the woman did – describes in the communiqué Ewelina Radomyska from the Siedlce police. – After logging into the account, she noticed the receipt of over six thousand zlotys, but the interlocutor quickly calmed her down so that she would not worry about this amount, because it would disappear in a moment. So it happened. There were two deductions, totaling the entire amount received. After a few hours, the 32-year-old received a call from her bank asking if she had taken out a loan online, and when she denied it, she was instructed to contact the bank’s hotline and reserve access to the account, she adds.

In the end, she did not sell the backpack, and she became a loan to be repaid.

Don’t be deceived

Purchase/sale transactions on sales portals take place from beginning to end on them. Do not move the transaction outside the portal where you sell or buy something – then you lose protection. The portal contains the data necessary to perform this transaction – your data, method of payment / receipt of money, shipping / delivery of the package – you do not have to provide anything additional. Never click on links provided in a messenger, e-mail or text message. The sales portal staff cannot know what is going on in your bank account because they do not have access to it.

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