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Freedom of Speech Medal 2023. Nominations

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The Grand Press Foundation presented nominations in three categories of the Medal of Freedom of Speech 2023 plebiscite. Among the nominees is TVN24 journalist Piotr Świerczek.

The medal in the plebiscite organized by the Grand Press Foundation is awarded in three categories: Media, Institution, Citizen. Nominations were announced on Friday.

In the Media category, the nominees are:

Bianca Mikołajewskahead of the Wirtualna Polska Magazine – “for journalistic courage combined with reliability and an ethical compass”.

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Piotr ŚwierczekTVN24 journalist – “for investigative journalism of the highest quality, unmasking the lies of power, which resulted in a gesture of solidarity of the Polish media community“.

Tomasz Terlikowskipublicist – “for defending his beliefs and going against the current, regardless of the criticism of his environment.”

In the Institutions category, the following are nominated:

Professor Barbara Engelking, professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences and director of the Center for Holocaust Research of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences – “for the firm defense of historical truth and scientific research.”

Karol Grabski and Julia Lowkisactivists – “for constant, street protest against TVP propaganda and intelligent satire of the bizarre actions of the authorities.”

Professor Ewa Łętowskaformer ombudsman, former judge of the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal – “for clearly explaining to Poles the dangers of politicization of the courts and disregard for constitutional principles.”

In the Citizen category, the nominees are:

Zbigniew Holdysmusician, columnist – “for emotions and reason in defense of liberal and democratic values”.

Dominik Kucactivist – “for creating a nationwide ranking of LGBTQ+ friendly schools and acting for this community.”

Lidia Niedzwiecka-Owsiak and Jerzy Owsiakfounders of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – “for millions of united hearts and collected funds, for supporting the weakest, for uncompromising and wise speaking out in public matters”.

Winners of the Freedom of Speech Medal

This year’s edition of the plebiscite is the third. So far, the winners have been: – in the Media category: Andrew PoczobutPiotr Jacoń, – in the Institution category: Adam BodnarIgor Tuleya, – in the Citizen category: Agnieszka Jankowiak-Maik, Katarzyna Wappa.

A special medal from the Grand Press Foundation was awarded to: Marian Turski, Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, Jacek Fedorowicz, Stanisław Tym.

Main photo source: Grand Press Foundation

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