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Freezing fog appears in places, limiting visibility

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Freezing fog appears in parts of Poland on Friday morning. Visibility in some regions is limited to 100 meters. Where should drivers be especially careful?

As tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk reported around 7 a.m., freezing fog is occurring in parts of the country, limiting visibility in:

Łódź, Poznań, Sulejów up to 100 meters;

Przemyśl up to 200 meters;

Bielsko-Biała up to 300 meters;

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Toruń up to 400 meters;

Krosno up to 800 meters.

Fog – what is it?

Fog is a suspension of very small water droplets with a diameter of less than 0.05 millimeters, settling in the ground layer of air. Fog reduces visibility below 1,000 meters. It can form both when the temperature is positive and when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius (then it consists of ice crystals and is called ice fog).

Falling fog can settle on surfaces and, at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, freeze, forming dangerous rime.

As the water droplets in the fog increase in diameter, they may turn into drizzle or light rain.

How fog is formedMałgorzata Latos/PAP

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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