French elections: Latest poll. Good news for Emmanuel Macron


These are the results of an Ifop poll published on Tuesday, five days before the first round of voting.

The daily “Le Figaro” forecasts on this basis the following division of seats in parliament: from 220 to 260 for the National Union, for the left – from 180 to 210 and 75-110 seats for the presidential camp.

Parliamentary elections in France. The daily predicts “no absolute majority”

Still no one has an absolute majorityand there are two strong blocs,” says the daily. Absolute majority in the 577-person National Assembly (lower house of parliament) that's 289 places.

The poll also predicts that the turnout will reach 64.5 percent – by 17 points percent more than in the previous parliamentary elections in 2022.

MSW France reported on Tuesday that between June 10 and 23, over 1.3 million voting proxies were registered (the electoral law in France allows you to authorize another person to vote).

The number of 1.3 million such proxies is almost six times (5.9 times) higher than in the corresponding period before the 2022 elections.

Parliamentary elections in Francethe first round of which is scheduled for Sunday, June 30, is the result of Emmanuel Macron's decision. The president dissolved parliament immediately after the results were announced voting until European Parliament June 9, when his formation she failed.

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