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Fresh fish by the Baltic Sea? Rather from a freezer and much more expensive than a year ago

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The holiday season continues. The towns on the Baltic Sea are full of tourists, and of course they want to try a seaside delicacy: fish. However, you have to be careful, because marketing slogans – for example those about night fishing – are not always true, quality does not always go hand in hand with the assurances of restaurateurs, and prices are getting higher.

TVN24 reporter Bartosz Bartkowiak visited seaside resorts in search of an answer to the question: what fish is best to eat by the Baltic Sea? Unfortunately, it turns out that the first trap awaiting hungry tourists is the slogan: fresh fish straight from the sea. This is not true in most cases.

– Most often they are fish from the freezer. They come to us from NorwayTurkey, Kazakhstan – reports the TVN24 reporter.

Former restaurateur: fryers often deceive customers

This is confirmed by Andrzej Boroń, a former fish restaurateur. – The country operating the fryers often simply deceives the customers. There is no kergulen, tuna or burbot in the Baltic Sea, which is from Argentina – lists Boroń. And he admits that it also happens that cheaper species of fish – such as saithe or black cod – are sold as more expensive, in this case cod.

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Fried fish is a summer hit at the Baltic Sea every yearShutterstock

The former restaurateur says that there are not too many of these Baltic fish in restaurants, but this does not mean that customers will get hurt because of it. All because – as he points out – that “Polish” fish are not always of good quality. – Baltic fish are of low quality. The cod is of poor quality, worse than that of Norway. Herring is of poor quality. The turbot is good, the zander is good, especially from the Pomeranian Bay, where fresh and salty water are mixed – she enumerates.

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Karolina Knapczyk, restaurant manager in Dziwnów, recommends cod, although she emphasizes that it is not fresh Baltic cod. – Customers do not know that by the end of 2022 they will not get fresh Polish cod due to the protective period, there are not many opportunities for fresh fish – he admits.

She advises asking the restaurant where the fish they serve come from and what they recommend. – I believe that they will be honest – says Knapczyk.

Fish by the Baltic Sea is rarely “straight from the sea”tvn24

Prices go up sharply

Fish prices have increased recently, and this has also affected prices at seaside restaurants. – We pay for the frustration of the owners. Fish prices have risen by 20 or 30 percent. The restaurant owner assumes that if the price of the fish increased by 30 percent, he would also increase the price for the finished dish by 30 percent – explains Boroń.

According to the TVN24 reporter, in some places on the Baltic Sea we will pay for fish even twice as much as a year ago.

On top of all this, there are also sanitary conditions, especially in smaller eateries. As the West Pomeranian Sanitary Inspectorate informed last week, at the end of June, the inspectors imposed fines in the premises of a total of PLN 13.5 thousand on 86 restaurateurs. The offenses mainly included improper sanitation and the use of expired food.

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