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Friday: 6 ex-policemen will stand trial. One is facing life imprisonment for the death of a 30-year-old man

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The court in Łódź received an indictment against six former policemen from the Piątek station (Łódź Province); among them is the former unit commander. The most – twenty – allegations were heard by a 34-year-old man, concerning the abuse of powers and causing injuries resulting in death during the intervention. The accused is facing life imprisonment, the others – up to five years imprisonment. They plead not guilty.

After over a year of investigation into the death of a 30-year-old resident of Piątek after police intervention, the Łódź prosecutor’s office filed indictments against six – now former – police officers. A 34-year-old man heard the most, 20 accusations, who on April 2, 2021, together with a one year older officer, took part in an intervention in a family row. The report came from a woman who reported that her 30-year-old son was drunk and aggressive.

The officers took the 30-year-old from the house. On the next day, his body was found in a forest complex six kilometers away by walkers.

Failure to fulfill obligations, physical violence

– Evidence shows that during the course of the intervention, the accused policeman, exceeding his powers, used physical violence against the young man, kicking in the area of ​​the torso and ribs, which led to serious damage to health in the form of rib fractures, spleen ruptures and peritoneal hematoma, which resulted in there was death – says Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman of the Łódź prosecutor’s office.

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– The policewoman who was part of the patrol, not fulfilling her duties, did not take any actions that would prevent the aggression of her colleague. During the intervention, the 30-year-old was placed against his will in a police car, transported and left in the forest, adds the prosecutor of Kopania.

Police on FridayTVN24

The 34-year-old will also be responsible for abusing the authority and injuring the 30-year-old brother who was present during the intervention.

The policewoman heard accusations concerning failure to fulfill her duties, unlawful deprivation of liberty, direct risk of loss of life or serious damage to health, confirmation of untruth in the service notebook regarding the intervention and support.

Prosecutor’s Office: other policemen also used violence

After the officers were arrested, the public prosecutor’s office began to receive information that earlier, the police officers in Piatek had used violence and that they were taken outside the city by a police car.

– The evidence collected in the investigation gave the basis for the accusation of 19 other such events, 11 of which were associated with the unlawful deprivation of liberty of persons for whom interventions were undertaken – prosecutor Krzysztof Kopania reports. He adds that the irregularities took place during interventions related to, inter alia, drinking alcohol in a public place, littering, petty theft, and failure to respect the restrictions related to the pandemic.

– Physical violence was used many times during the actions of policemen, which resulted in bodily injuries. They were undertaken sporadically in 2017-2018, while the majority took place in 2019. The prosecutor’s office found that the interventions were not documented or that no irregularities were indicated in the documentation, concluded the prosecutor of Kopania.

Police on FridayPiątek commune

What are the punishments facing the accused?

A 34-year-old ex-policeman has heard a total of 20 charges and is facing a life sentence. The policewoman accompanying him during the intervention was accused of two acts – for which he is punishing him with five years in prison. The indictment also covered four other then officers of the District Police Headquarters in Piątek, including the then commander. Depending on the findings, they were charged with committing two to five crimes. They don’t all work in the police anymore.

None of the accused in the investigation pleaded guilty to the charges against them.

FridayThe accused were police officers in Piątek

Main photo source: TVN24

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