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Friday. They stormed the property, attacked the businessman and his wife. The man did not survive. There is an indictment

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An indictment was brought to court against a 41-year-old Ukrainian citizen and his 39-year-old compatriot. The couple will be responsible for the robbery in the Piątek commune (Łódź Voivodeship). The man is accused of murdering a businessman, and the woman is accused of assisting in a robbery. He is facing life imprisonment, her up to 15 years in prison. According to the investigators, the second man who took part in the robbery has not been arrested yet.

The event took place in June 2020 in the Piątek commune. According to the prosecutor’s office, the 53-year-old man and his wife were preparing to go abroad. Around 10.30 p.m., masked attackers entered their property. – They had a knife and items that looked like baseball bats. As it was later established, these were specially adapted long and thick axes – reported Krzysztof Kopania from the Łódź District Prosecutor’s Office. And he added that the 53-year-old was the first to be attacked. The attackers inflicted a series of blows on him, mainly in the area of ​​the head, and he was also bound with a long electric cable. Then, according to the prosecutor, the attackers went to the first floor of the building, where the woman was attacked. – She was dealt a series of blows to the head, gagged and tied her arms and legs with plastic straps – reported Kopania.

The man died in the hospital

The attackers from the scene took money, a large amount of jewelry, documents and expensive clothes – all valued at several thousand zlotys. Moments later, policemen, notified by outsiders, appeared on the scene.

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– The woman and the man were taken to one of the hospitals. – The woman was not seriously injured. However, the 53-year-old was not saved and died as a result of extensive injuries, especially to the head, the prosecutor said.

A woman accused of aiding a robbery with the use of a dangerous toolPolice in Łódź

The prosecutor’s office: they were planning a robbery, the accused knew his victims, he was carrying out renovation work on them

The police started looking for the perpetrators. – Officers secured the traces, identified witnesses and reached the records from surveillance cameras. They also used the help of a tracking dog – said Joanna Kącka from the Łódź voivodeship headquarters after the incident.

Criminal actions led to the arrest of a pair of Ukrainians living in Łódź: a 40-year-old man was charged with murder in connection with a robbery, and a 38-year-old woman was “aiding in a robbery with the use of a dangerous tool”. Both were temporarily arrested by a court decision.

Now the prosecutor’s office informs: – The accused knew his victims before, he performed renovation works on them. There was a misunderstanding about mutual settlements.

Investigators show that the accused 41-year-old was preparing for the robbery with his 33-year-old friend. – He bought shafts, gloves, masks and dark clothing in one of the DIY stores. They wanted to rob the aggrieved. Together they went to the vicinity of their home in a car driven by a woman to carry out a robbery. She also took them from one of the nearby towns to Łódź, reports Kopania.

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During the investigation, the 41-year-old pleaded guilty to the charges against him. However, his friend did not plead guilty. She only confirmed that she had transported the men to the vicinity of Kutno, and later – at night – picked them up from one of the gas stations.

They are still looking for the 33-year-old to be involved in the robbery

The prosecutor’s office said that until today the 33-year-old who cooperated with the accused has not been arrested. – Soon after the incident, the man probably left the territory of Poland. Efforts are underway to bring him to criminal liability, concluded Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the district prosecutor’s office in Łódź.

The woman is facing up to 15 years in prison. A man is sentenced to life imprisonment.

The murder of a businessman in the commune of PiatekPolice in Łódź

The incident took place in the Piątek commune

Main photo source: Police in Łódź

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