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From banking to big politics. Who is Izabela Bodnar, who is fighting for the presidency of Wrocław

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The current president of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, will face Izabela Bodnar in the second round. Bodnar is a member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on behalf of the Third Way.

On Monday, the National Electoral Commission announced the official results. The current president of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, is separated by only 4.5 percentage points from Third Way's candidate, Izabela Bodnar. Jacek Sutryk won 34.33 percent. votes. Izabela Bodnar has the support of 29.80 percent. voters. These two will face each other in the second round of elections on April 21.

– 4.5 percent difference, only 11,000 more votes, President Sutryk received more than me. The result is absolutely amazing, so I am still stunned by it and extremely grateful to the people of Wrocław for trusting me so much. I now feel a huge responsibility not to let them down, said Izabela Bodnar in an interview with TVN24.

Studies, career and private life

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Izabela Bodnar is a resident of Wrocław, a wife and mother of three children. In 2000, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in banking and finance at the WSB University in Wrocław. She completed her master's degree in corporate finance in 2002 at the Wrocław University of Economics. She worked, among others, at Credit Agricole Bank Polska, in 2009–2010 as a manager for relations with key clients. In the years 2010-2016 in the same bank she worked as a department director. Later she was a director in commercial companies.

“For 20 years of my professional career as an economist, I have worked in key positions in Polish and foreign companies, mainly in the financial sector. I have been involved in creating business strategies, managing projects, and negotiating multi-million contracts,” the candidate writes about herself.

Since 2022, Izabela Bodnar has been the president of the management board of the Wroc ma Moc foundation. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, her foundation helped and coordinated support for refugees from Ukraine.

Fight for the position of president of Wrocław

In October last year, Izabela Bodnar became a member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland from the Wrocław constituency from the Third Way list. On February 28, 2024, she also became a candidate for the president of Wrocław on behalf of the same party. In her election program, the candidate announces support for entrepreneurs, care for greenery and water quality, and effective social programs “so that every citizen has equal opportunities for development and success.”

On Tuesday, April 2, Rafał Dutkiewicz, the former long-time president of Wrocław, officially supported Izabela Bodnar in the elections. – On April 7, I will vote for Mrs. Izabela Bodnar. I am absolutely convinced that Wrocław needs changes. The Third Way candidate is an excellent alternative, said Rafał Dutkiewicz.

Third Way candidate Izabela Bodnar said that the result of the first round was a yellow card for the incumbent president. Bodnar will face Jacek Sutryk in the second round in two weeks.

– In a record short time of a few weeks, I managed to convince residents that Wrocław deserves something more than scandals, than unclear deals, than standing in these traffic jams, in these smogs and driving through these potholes. Because it's not just about our city being ridiculed. Now we, the inhabitants of Wrocław, simply feel bad and sorry about it. We can see with the naked eye. that our Wrocław has simply stopped, that it is bad. We don't feel that spirit, we don't feel that energy, we don't feel that smile. We see these empty, dusty tenement houses, empty streets, and often an empty market square that was once teeming with life. We just have to change everything here, she said.

Wroclaw. Izabela Bodnar in the second round

Ready for a debate with Jacek Sutryk

After the first exit poll results were announced on April 7, Jacek Sutryk invited Izabela Bodnar to the debate. The candidate commented on the invitation of the president of Wrocław.

– The president has been reluctant to attend these debates so far, we had five or six debates with candidates, which the president largely avoided. We talked there about our plans and projects. Suddenly, after Mr. President was confronted with reality, with the polls and saw what the brutal reality was, he suddenly invited me to the debate. Of course, I do not avoid debate, says the Third Way candidate.

Author:Svitlana Kucherenko

Main photo source: PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

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