From July 1, the government will reimburse a modern drug for hemophilia


This is very good news for the families of about 100 young patients suffering from severe hemophilia. From July 1, the Ministry of Health will pay for the new therapy. Hemophilia is incurable. Blood clotting disorders may lead to disability.

Thanks to the prophylactic, intravenous blood clotting factor, children with hemophilia are not at risk of very dangerous hemorrhages – for example into the joints – which can lead to disability. In a few days, the lives of ten-year-old Piotr, three-year-old Wojtek and many other children will be better, because the government will reimburse a less invasive drug.

– Searching for veins can be difficult, but all you need to do is grab the skin, administer this factor subcutaneously and the child is somehow protected. Up to this level of 15 percent – says Mrs. Monika Gruszka, Piotrek's mother.

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So far, this modern and very expensive therapy has been unavailable to most people in need. Now about a hundred children will benefit from it, and the state will pay for it. The drug is on the new list of reimbursed drugs.

Kornel is fighting for his life. His chance is expensive therapy in the USA. “This cost estimate blew us away”Magda Łucyan/Fakty TVN

What is Hemlibra therapy?

The therapy involves administering an antibody to the patient's body that imitates the action of the clotting factor that the patient lacks. – It will provide an opportunity to improve the comfort of treatment in the youngest children and in those who have poor venous access – informs Bogdan Gajewski, president of the Polish Association of Hemophilia Patients. – It will be easier because not only I will be able to give him this agent, but also my father, who does not administer it intravenously because he is afraid – points out Piotrek's mother.

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Dr. Tomasz Ociepa, a hematologist, is glad that he will have more choice about what treatment to use. Two of his little patients are already waiting for Hemlibra. – It allows this drug to be administered rarely, less frequently than the clotting factor, every 7, 14, and often every 28 days. (…) This is absolutely something we have been waiting for for many, many years – emphasizes the doctor.

However, you still need to have the intravenously administered blood clotting factor with you, for example in the event of an accident. Using both methods of prevention means a higher level of treatment. – In 2008, the launch of a preventive program for children with hemophilia changed life for children with hemophilia. Now we are taking another important step towards normalizing life with hemophilia – emphasizes the president of the Polish Association of Hemophilia Patients.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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