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From Krakow to Warsaw and from Katowice to Gdansk. Police flyers transported organs for transplantation

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Police pilots transported hearts and livers to hospitals in Warsaw and Gdańsk for patients awaiting a transplant. The operations were successful. Patients who have received organ transplants feel well and slowly recover

A few hours apart, the police pilots were contacted by two transplant coordinators from various medical centers in the country, asking for help in transporting organs to patients in Gdańsk and Warsaw.

– As soon as it turned out that we could perform these tasks, helicopters and flight crews were selected. The transport of the liver from the hospital in Lesser Poland to Warsaw was possible with the help of the police Bella-407GXi. Pilots from the Aviation Management Board of the Police GSP KGP took off late in the evening from the airport in Bemowo and, after refueling in Krakow, waited for the organ to be collected – says Insp. drink Robert Sitek, head of the Police Aviation Board.

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In the morning, after three o’clock, with the organ and the transplant team on board, they set off towards Warsaw. Two hours later, the liver, for which a 48-year-old WUM patient was waiting, was already in the block, and the airmen returned to the base.

As Krzysztof Zając, transplant coordinator of the University Clinical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw, explains, a patient was waiting for a liver for whom a transplant was the only solution.

He was hospitalized due to advanced organ failure. We have received information that the family of the deceased patient from Lesser Poland agreed to donate organs from their closest relative. It must be remembered that a chance to save one patient is an extremely difficult moment for the family of another deceased donor. Consent to organ donation may save the lives of several other patients awaiting urgent transplants. That’s what happened in this case. Thanks to the family’s consent, the kidneys went to Krakow, the lungs and heart to Zabrze, the cornea to Katowice, and our patient received a liver. She has already had an organ transplant and is recovering under the watchful eye of the medical and nursing team – emphasizes

The biggest challenge was the morning traffic jam

On the same night, the transport of the heart from the hospital in Silesia to the airport in Katowice was carried out in a police Sokół by pilots from the Aviation Section of the Police Headquarters in Krakow. Casa was already waiting in Pyrzowice, which in turn was delivered by military pilots to the airport in Gdańsk. From there, with the help of an ambulance, the valuable cargo had to be transported to the hospital. This last episode turned out to be quite a challenge.

Police pilots transported hearts and livers to hospitals in Warsaw and Gdańsk for patients awaiting a transplant.  Thanks to their help, convalescents who received organ transplants feel good and slowly recover

Police airmen rescued two people within a few hoursLesser Poland Police

– Morning traffic jams on the streets of the city did not make this task easier. But fortunately, we managed to deliver the heart for the 45-year-old on time. In total, the transport from Silesia to the Gdańsk hospital took just over two hours. Our patient was registered on the urgent list and was waiting for a new heart, supported by ECMO – explains Maciej Duda, coordinator of heart transplantation at the University of Krakow.

Now the patient is out of surgery and is gaining strength with his new heart. Thanks to the help of police and army pilots, he is starting a new life.

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More successful missions with transporting organs

For the police pilots, it was the 28th and 29th flight with a valuable organ on board.

– We are extremely proud of each successfully completed mission. It is a great satisfaction that, in addition to strictly police tasks, we can also help in this way and, using the police aviation fleet, transport organs whose transplantation saves the lives of subsequent patients. For them, it is a chance to return to normal functioning, and for us it is a joy that “our” patients continue to enjoy life, a new life – emphasizes insp. drink Robert Sitek.

Main photo source: Lesser Poland Police

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