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From spilling fuel and throwing paint to arson, or fighting the competition on the Baltic Sea

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Ruthless fight for customers at the Polish seaside – cars set on fire, doors pelted with eggs. It seems that one restaurateur wanted to intimidate the other. The police are collecting evidence and they already have a lot of it.

This is probably the end of the nightmare of the owners of a bistro in the seaside town of Ustka, who were intimidated and harassed, their premises were set on fire and destroyed. “I felt a bit of relief, but only partially,” says Kamil Fabisiak, co-owner of “Bistro Kanał” in Ustka. He explains that the situation has had a negative impact on his psyche.

It started with pouring fuel under the door of the pub and throwing paint and eggs on the facade of the bistro. They ended up setting two company cars on fire. On the way there was also destruction of a guesthouse under construction. The perpetrators remained elusive for a long time, although one of the suspects was recorded by a surveillance camera attacking the owner of a restaurant in Ustka.

– These were things that threatened not only our health and property, but in fact, in the case of burning cars or a burning guesthouse, also the lives and health of many people around us – points out Dawid Skrzypiec, co-owner of “Bistro Kanał” in Ustka.

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The police took action

Police after the report in “Uwaga!” TVN and the victims provided surveillance videos, arrested the arsonist and the person who ordered these crimes. It turned out to be the former employer of one of the injured people, who himself owns a restaurant nearby.

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– We are also taking into account the possibility that these events took place simply to eliminate the competition – informs Jakub Bagiński, a junior cadet from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Słupsk.

Investigators do not rule out that they will resume previously discontinued proceedings because the victims have been providing evidence of intimidation for three years.

– At this point, the proceedings are ongoing. However, we cannot confirm or exclude the possibility of further detentions – says prosecutor Kamil Wodziński from the District Prosecutor's Office in Słupsk.

For destroying and burning property and for inciting a crime, the perpetrators face up to five years in prison.

Main image source: TVN24

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