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From the problem of the availability of formula milk to immigrants taking jobs from Americans. What notes do r. play?

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Russian propaganda has already reached here, to the American Congress. Members of the House of Representatives repeat it in the debate hall – these are the terrifying words of one of the most important members of this house. In addition, he is a Republican. This is important because members of this party are accused of repeating the Kremlin narrative and acting to the detriment of Ukraine. Moreover, journalists from “The Washington Post” obtained Kremlin documents showing the scale, efficiency and effectiveness of Putin's propaganda overseas.

Ukraine is the first front of the Russian war machine. Its recent progress would not have been possible without its actions on the second front – the one that many of us see every day without even realizing it.

Russia's propaganda tentacles reach deep into American politics. Journalists from “The Washington Post” obtained Kremlin documents showing the scale of activities of Russian propagandists. Even American congressmen are falling for Putin's bait. – We see attempts coming directly from Russia to mask anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian messages, some of which we later hear even in the House of Representatives – warns Mike Turner, chairman of the intelligence committee from the Republican Party.

The documents obtained by journalists show specific orders for Russian trolls. One of them had to write comments in no more than two hundred characters, pretending to be a resident of the suburbs of a large American city.

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The data concerns Russian activities lasting from May 2022 to August last year. Russian trolls have a simple task: destabilize Ukraine and discourage the United States and other allies from helping Ukrainians.

Winning the war is not the only goal of Russian disinformation

“The Russians tell people 80 percent of what they have already heard and 20 percent of what they want people to hear. They take advantage of people's need for information, but they add something of their own to it. Over time, this is a very effective strategy,” he said. Washington Post” Clint Watts, director of Microsoft's Threat Analysis Office. An example is the carefully crafted information from November about the alleged purchase of two yachts by Volodymyr Zelensky for American money. This lie was believed, among others, by Republican politician Marjorie Taylor Greene, who opposes American aid to Ukraine.

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Winning the war, however, is not the only goal of Russian disinformation. – I am concerned about Russian influence in this election cycle. Of course, they already did this during the last election. They continue to do this, especially now when we are trying to transfer money to Ukraine, says Adriano Espaillat, a congressman from the Democratic Party. – I am concerned about the capabilities of a small group of extremists. It's not the dog wagging the tail, now it's the tail wagging the dog – adds Mike Quigley, congressman of the Democratic Party.

The Lies Americans Believe

The operating pattern quoted by “The Washington Post” is always the same. Content published by troll farms, which already had hundreds of millions of views on social media a few years ago, says: “This is real, it's something the government isn't telling you about.”

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From the problem of the availability of formula milk to immigrants taking jobs from Americans – Russian trolls know exactly what notes to use to make their message catch on people's ears.

Author:Szymon Kazimierczak

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