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Frost. Weather in Poland. At ground level -20 degrees. It was frosty last night

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Last night was frosty in many regions of Poland due to the clear weather. The minimum temperature at the ground dropped to -20 degrees Celsius in Jelenia Góra. Check where frost is still present.

For many days, low-pressure whirls have been drawing Arctic air masses to our region of the continent, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, tvnmeteo.pl forecaster, said on Wednesday. The map below shows a portion (drop) of cold at an altitude of 5 kilometers above the center of Europe.

A portion of cold over EuropeGFS/tropicaltidbits

At ground level -20 degrees Celsius

Olivier’s snow swirl moved east and brought in another dose of cold. Overnight clearing caused the minimum ground temperature in Jelenia Góra to drop to -20 degrees Celsius. IN Kłodzko it was cold too. There, near the ground, -19 degrees Celsius was recorded. The highest minimum temperature was recorded in Przemyśl – 0 degrees Celsius

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Main photo source: Shutterstock/IMGW

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