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Fruit and vegetable market. Foreign raspberries flood the Polish market. Appeal of the Association of Fruit Growers of the Republic of Poland

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Imports of frozen and fresh raspberries to Poland should be stopped immediately – the Association of Polish Fruit Growers appeals to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. As the producers emphasize, the biggest problem is the import of frozen foods, mainly from Ukraine, which has been ongoing for several months. This translates into lower purchase prices.

According to fruit growers, the situation on the market of raspberries intended for processing “is dramatic”. Purchase prices are falling day by day, and many plants even announce their suspension

The biggest problem

Growers claim that “the biggest problem is the import of frozen food, which has been going on for several months, mainly from Ukraine“. “The Union of Fruit Growers of the Republic of Poland signaled this to both the Minister of Agriculture and the EU Commissioner for Agriculture. Unfortunately, our fears and predictions have been confirmed.

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“Over 40,000 tons of frozen raspberries entered Poland uncontrollably, which caused a huge disruption of the market. This practice is still ongoing. Unfortunately, all our warnings have been downplayed and none of the postulated solutions have been implemented” – it was written.

The union appealed to the Pemir to stop the import of frozen and fresh raspberries to Poland and to take action to manage stocks.

Protest in Opole Lubelskie

According to the union’s website, a general, large protest of raspberry producers has been planned for July 3 in Opole Lubelskie. “There are several processing plants in the city that buy and freeze raspberries. The same plants import fruit from Ukraine. Therefore, the choice of the place is not accidental” – we read.

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