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Fryderyki 2023. Awards gala – list of winners. Artists of the Year: sanah and Mrozu

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Saturday’s Fryderyk 2023 gala in popular and jazz music selected, among others, the Artist of the Year, which was Mrozu. Sanah was named Artist of the Year. Brodka, Dawid Podsiadło and Michał Barański are also among the winners. The power of emotions accompanied not only the performers but also their fans who had the opportunity to listen to many concerts of the hottest names of the Polish stage.

One of the oldest cities in Upper Silesia turned into the capital of Polish music on Saturday. The best Polish vocalists came to Gliwice, which this year is the host of the Gala of Entertainment Music and Jazz Fryderyk Festival, to add splendor to the ceremony of awarding the most important music awards with their concerts. Fryderyki 2023 were awarded in 26 categories. In addition, the Golden Fryderyks were awarded – special distinctions honoring the entire creative output. This year’s winners were: vocalist Ewa Bem, composer Andrzej Korzyński and conductor Tadeusz Strugała.

Ewa Bem with the Golden Fryderyk for lifetime achievement

List of winners in each category (prizes awarded so far):

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Album of the Year – Root Music: Song and Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” for the album “70th Anniversary of the Song and Dance Ensemble ‘Śląsk’ Stanisław Hadyna: Greatest Hits”.

Album of the Year – Poetic and Literary Song: sanah for the album “sanah sings poetry”.

Album of the Year – Jazz: Michał Barański for the album “Masovian Mantra”.

Phonographic Debut of the Year – Jazz: Andrew Gondek.

Album of the Year – Blues: Maja Kleszcz for the album “BL ues”.

Album of the Year – Electronics: Scalpel for the album “Origins”

Album of the Year – Alternative: Brodka for the album “Soot”

Brodka won the award, among others in the Album of the Year – Alternative categoryPAP/Zbigniew Meissner

Album of the Year – Film, Theater and Illustrative Music: Hania Rani for the album “Venice – Infinitely Avantgarde”.

Album of the Year – Children’s Music: Various Artists – “The Best of Cartoon Film Studio”.

Producer/Producer/Producer Team of the Year: frost.

Best New Performance: Or otherwise feat. Kaśka Sochacka for the song “Last straight”.

Video of the Year: Brodka for the music video “Brodka – Sadza”.

Team/Artistic Project of the Year: Mioush x Team “Silesia”.

Best Concert Recording: Dawid Podsiadło for “Forest Music”.

Dawid Podsiadło awarded during the galaPAP/Zbigniew Meissner

Author/Author/Author Team of the Year: Mrozu/Arek Sitarz.

Album of the Year – Pop: Frost – “Gold Blocks”.

Album of the Year – Hip Hop: Szczyl, Magiera – “8171”.

Mrozu ended the evening with a few statuettesPAP/Zbigniew Meissner

Phonographic Debut of the Year: Sarah James.

Album of the Year – India Pop: Mitch & Mitch con il loro Gruppo Etereofonico – “Amore assoluto per Ennio”.

Fryderyk 2023. The power of concerts and music awards

Among the guests performing at the Saturday evening gala there were some of the hottest names. Among them are Monika Brodka, Ania Leon with the band BOKKA, Michał Barański and Julia Wieniawa, as well as Grzegorz Hyży, Sara James, T.Love, Smolasty and Doda. The audience in Gliwice and TV viewers also heard Mróz, Natalia Szroeder, Rubens, Lanberry/Bovska and Feel. At the end of the gala, Behemoth, Rita Pax, Szczyl and Zalia played.

Viewers' reports from the Fryderyki 2023 gala

Viewers’ reports from the Fryderyki 2023 galaTVN24

Fryderyki are the most important musical nations awarded since 1995 by the Phonographic Academy, i.e. a jury appointed by the Association of Audio Video Producers, consisting of over 1,900 artists, creators, producers, journalists and representatives of the phonographic industry.

The nominees for the Fryderyk Awards are selected by secret ballot of all members of the Academy divided into three sections: popular, classical and jazz music.

Members of the Academy may belong to only one section and have the right to vote only within it. Thanks to this, everyone has a chance to express themselves in the field of music that is closest to them.

The winners are chosen in a second round of secret voting. Then members of the Academy indicate only one item in a given category. If you get the same number votes by two or more nominated items is increased accordingly number of winners.

Main photo source: PAP/Zbigniew Meissner

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