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Fryderyki 2023 – list of nominees. When and where will the gala take place? Who will perform?

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The Phonographic Academy has announced the list of nominees for the Fryderyk 2023 awards. Among the artists who have a chance to receive the statuette, there are: sanah, Dawid Podsiadło, Ralph Kaminski and Vito Bambino. The gala may be dominated by Podsiadło, nominated in as many as six categories. The same number of nominations received Rubens, who released his debut solo material this year.

Fryderyki Festival 2023, an event during which some of the most important awards in the Polish music industry will be awarded, will take place on April 22 in Arena Gliwice. Its important part and – as the organizers write on their website – the culminating point, will be the Entertainment Music and Jazz Gala. It will feature, among others: Mrozu, Julia Wieniawa, Sara James, T. Love and Szczyl. Some of the listed artists may also appear on stage to receive the statuette. They were on the list of nominees published by the Phonographic Academy on March 22.

Below is the full list of artists with a chance to be distinguished in each category.

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Fryderyki 2023 – nominees

Dawid Podsiadło – “Mori”

IGNACY – “I’m waiting for a sign”

MROZU feat. Vito Bambino – “Too Far”

Dawid Podsiadło – “The Twenties”

Natalia Szroeder – “Reverb Supplement”

Album of the Year – Root Music

Bastarda & Sutari Sutari – “Tamoj”

Future Folk – “Future Folk”

Karolina Cicha + Sw@da & Company – “Sad”

Polish Characters – “Last Things”

Song and Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” – “70th anniversary of the Song and Dance Ensemble ‘Śląsk’ named after Stanisław Hadyna: The greatest hits”

Album of the Year – Poetic and Literary Song

Alicja Majewska – “Songs of Korcz and Andrus”

Apple Blossom – “Free Hearts”

Natalia Przybysz – “I start with love”

sanah – “sanah sings Poetry”

Album of the Year – Children’s Music

Smile Center – “Inspector Cucumber: Time for Health”

Cherries – “Mrs. Maria’s Cherries”

Various Artists – “The Best of Cartoon Film Studio”

Cheerful Locomotive – “Guessing rhymes”

Author / Author / Author Team of the Year

Composer / Composer / Composer’s Team of the Year

Błażej Król, Quebonafide

Dawid Podsiadło, Jakub Galiński

HOTEL TORINO (Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek and Patryk Kumór)

Jakub Skorupa – “Notebook One”

Pablopavo and Humans – “Mosaic”

Bass Lightyear – “Techno to Love”

Mariusz Duda – “Interior Drawings”

Andrzej Jagodziński – “Requiem”

Marek Napiórkowski – “String Theory”

Michał Baranski – “Masovian Mantra”

Piotr Wojtasik – “Voices”

Rafał Sarnecki – “A View from The Treetop”

Tomasz Dabrowski – “Tomasz Dabrowski & The Individual Beings”

Phonographic Debut of the Year – Jazz

Album of the Year Film, Theater and Illustrative Music

Hania Rani – Venice – “Infinitely Avantgarde” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“Johnny” (Movie Music)

Kamil Holden Kryszak – “Love Songs” (Music from the film)

Marek Napiórkowski – “Baby” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Paweł Mykietyn – “EO” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Best Concert Recording

Dawid Podsiadło – “Forest Music”

MIUOSH x band “Śląsk” – “Contemporary Songs”

Urbański Orchestra and Guests – “Tribute to Krzysztof Krawczyk

Or otherwise feat. Kaśka Sochacka – “Last straight”

Apple Blossom – “No, No, No”

Rita Pax – “If you loved, hey!”

Tomasz Organek – “La Canzone del Ciuccio”

Tribbs – “You will dance with me for the last time”

Urbanski Orchestra, Błażej Król, Natalia Szroeder – “Because You Are”

Producer / Producer / Production Team

1988 (Przemyslaw Jankowiak)

Emade / Wojciech Waglewski

Brodka – for the music video: “Brodka – Sadza”

Filip Załuska – for the music video: “Dawid Podsiadło – What you have”

Michał Pańszczyk – for the music video: sanah – “Nothing Twice” (W. Szymborska)

Michał Radziejewski – for the music video: “Sobel – Beautiful People”

Nastazja Gonera – for the music video: “Daria Zawiałow, Sokół – Laura”

Band/Artistic Project of the Year

Men’s Playing Orchestra 2021

MIOUSH x Team “Silesia”

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Behemoth – “Opvs vs Natvram”

BLACK RIVER – “Generation axe”

Decapitated – “Cancer Culture”

Night Lover – “A Bridge Too Far”

Jagoda Kret – “About the very lack of stability”

Krakow Street Band – “Waiting”

Maciej Krec – “Brothers & Friends”

Maja Kleszcz – “BL ues”

Silesian Blues Group – “Here and now”

Phonographic Debut of the Year

Agnieszka Chylinska – “Never Ending Sorry”

Deserter – “1986, What Will Tomorrow Be?”

Rita Pax – “Beauty. Tribute To Breakout”

Pezet – “Commercial Music”

Mitch & Mitch con il loro Gruppo Etereofonico – “Amore assoluto per Ennio”

Ralph Kaminski – “Raphael’s Ball”

Rubens – “Songs Nobody Wanted”

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Main photo source: Krzysztof Hadrian / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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