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Fuel prices are rising. Will we pay PLN 7 per liter at the gas stations? Jakub Bogucki, an analyst from e-petrol.pl, comments

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Fuel prices in Poland are rising. – Unfortunately, in the near future we will witness further increases, maybe not as spectacular as last week, but price increases are still ahead of us – said Dr. Jakub Bogucki, a fuel market analyst from the industry portal e-petrol.pl, in an interview with TVN24. In his opinion, it is possible that this month we will exceed the psychological limit of PLN 7 per liter. Over the weekend, wholesale prices of diesel oil in Orlen and Aramco Poland went up again.

On Saturday, further increases were introduced in Orlen’s price list. Ekodiesel diesel oil increased in price to PLN 5,338 per thousand liters. This is the highest level since April 15 this year, when this species also cost PLN 5,338. This means an increase of PLN 580 since the parliamentary elections (an increase of PLN 58 per liter). On Saturday, wholesale fuel prices at Aramco Poland also went up. According to this price list, one thousand liters of Eurodiesel diesel oil costs PLN 5,412.

A slight decline in wholesale applies gasoline prices unleaded 95, although the levels are still significantly higher than before the parliamentary elections. One thousand liters of 95 unleaded petrol costs PLN 5,193. Since the parliamentary elections, the wholesale price of 95 petrol has increased by PLN 439, which means an increase of approximately 44 groszy per liter. The wholesale price of unleaded 95 gasoline also dropped in Aramco Poland.

Fuel prices in Poland

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According to Dr. Jakub Bogucki “in the near future, unfortunately, we will witness further increases, maybe not as spectacular as last week, but price increases are still ahead of us, at least by a few cents compared to the prices from the previous week.”

– Last week the jump was impressive, because it was over 30 cents in terms of the average price of both gasoline and diesel. This week, the change will not be so drastic, it will be a few cents, maybe a dozen or so at some stations, but it will still be a noticeable movement – noted a fuel market analyst from e-petrol.pl.

Bogucki said that this week at most stations in Poland we should pay PLN 6.49-6.62 for a liter of gasoline. In the case of diesel oil, it will be between PLN 6.55-6.69.

“The direction of PLN 7 is most probable”

According to the analyst, in November we may pay PLN 7 per liter of fuel. – Seven zlotys is quite real, but it is not a certainty. The situation is improving a little when it comes to the international market, because oil has become a bit cheaper in recent days and this may somehow help us a little, but as the Polish market we have to catch up with the period when we maintained very low prices at our stations – he said. Jakub Bogucki.

The expert noted that “the direction of PLN 7 is most likely in the near future, but reaching PLN 7 may take us a while.” – I think that we could see these levels no earlier than the end of November, assuming that nothing very serious happens in the international arena, because it could accelerate such a change – emphasized Bogucki.

In his opinion, the intensification of the conflict in the Middle East could contribute to accelerating changes. – If, for example, a third country joined it, if there was a political declaration that could slightly change the nature of oil production or transit in the region, then we would see the markets react very quickly, of course with an upward reaction – explained the fuel market analyst.

About rising fuel prices Jan Szewczak, member of the Orlen management board for financial matters, said during last week’s press conference. The company’s representative paid attention primarily to events in the Middle East.

– These are trade routes, these are the routes along which tankers and crude oil flow, these are the areas around Saudi Arabia, a large exporter of crude oil. These are also the influences of recessionary phenomena in the global and European economy. All this needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis. So don’t believe in these various stories, fairy tales made of moss and ferns, about how much fuel will cost there – said Szewczak.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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