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Fuel prices at gas stations – April 2023. Forecasts and analyses

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Next week, petrol price increases at some petrol stations are possible and may amount to a few groszy per liter, according to Refleks analysts. They also predict reductions in diesel prices, but lower than recently.

“Next week before Christmas, we expect an increase in wages gasoline prices at some stations to a few pennies per liter and smaller, but still reductions diesel prices” – forecast analysts of Refleks.

Fuel prices at gas stations – April 2023

They reminded that the average prices at stations on March 30 this year. amounted to: unleaded petrol PLN 95 – PLN 6.68/l (+4 PLN/l), unleaded petrol PLN 98 – PLN 7.32/l (+4 PLN/l), diesel oil PLN 6.75/l (-6 PLN/l), respectively: /l), autogas PLN 3.11/l (-1 gr/l).

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Analysts indicated that the current prices of petrol are at a level similar to those at the end of March 2022, while the prices of diesel oil are 10% lower and LPG prices 18% lower. lower than a year ago.

“As a result of the changes we are seeing on the European market for ready fuels, the prices of diesel oil and unleaded 95 petrol at many of our stations have become equal or petrol is already more expensive than panic oil. This situation may soon affect the entire domestic market. And the closer to the summer peak in petrol consumption , the higher the risk of gasoline price increases. They added that the last time the prices of unleaded 95 at the stations exceeded the prices of diesel in the period May – June last year.

Analysts noted that the second week in a row the oil market ends with gains. Brent crude oil rose $4.5 on a weekly basis. per barrel. On Friday morning, the May series of Brent crude futures traded around $79. per barrel.

“The prices of gasoline and diesel on the European ARA market equalized in mid-January and since then gasoline has been systematically more expensive. At the moment, the prices of CIF ARA gasoline are already USD 170 per ton higher than diesel prices,” Reflex reported.

Analysts pointed out that the US EIA reported a decline in crude oil inventories in USA on a weekly basis by 7.5 million barrels, to 473.7 million.

“US crude oil inventories are 6% above the 5-year average for this time of year. Gasoline inventories have decreased by 2.9 million barrels for the week and are 4% below the 5-year average, and we are only at the beginning period of seasonal increase in demand for gasoline. Typically, the peak of gasoline consumption in the US market falls in the summer months of July and August. The US market accounts for over 36 percent of global gasoline consumption, they noted.

Reflex also drew attention to the situation in France. “French media report that in the south of the country, more than 40 percent of petrol stations have problems with fuel supply. Due to the strikes of employees of all six refineries, the French government is once again reaching for strategic fuel reserves,” the commentary stated.

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