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Fuel prices at gas stations – July 2022. Analysts’ forecasts

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The second full week of July should bring a downward correction of prices at gas stations, analysts at e-petrol.pl believe. Also, according to experts from the Reflex Brokerage House, it seems highly probable that in the coming days the average cost of fuel at the stations will decline.

The analysts of e-petrol.pl pointed out that the turn of June and July was an announcement of cheaper refueling at Polish petrol stations, additionally there were reductions in wholesale prices on the market fuel prices and discounts on refueling in many fuel networks.

“This list gave the drivers a breather, and the prospects for refueling for the coming days are really good. Throughout the week, Polish refineries have been gradually lowering prices for wholesalers. Polish producers – PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos have changed fuel prices five times since last Saturday – analysts stressed.

Prices at petrol stations in July

“The second full week of July should therefore bring a downward correction in prices at petrol stations. The most popular unleaded petrol should be refueled on average at PLN 7.49-7.61 per liter, while diesel owners will spend a little more for diesel fuel than in the case of gasoline, because PLN 7.52-7.64 / l. Traditionally, the smallest price fluctuations will concern autogas – next week this fuel will still be cheaper and on average one liter of this fuel will cost PLN 3.30-3.40 “- analysts at e-petrol.pl stated.

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Fuel price forecasts – July 11-17e-petrol.pl

They informed that as a result of price corrections today the average gasoline price lead-free in wholesale amounts to PLN 6,959.20 net per 1000 liters – over PLN 75 cheaper than last week. Diesel oil was slightly more cheaper, the average price of which fell by PLN 101 per cubic meter, currently in wholesale this fuel is similar in price to popular gasoline, today its average price in refineries is PLN 6,973.60.

The analysis of retail fuel prices in Poland, conducted by e-petrol.pl in the first half of this week, shows that the average prices of all types of fuel at stations have decreased.

“This week, the price correction for basic fuels was PLN 0.8-15 per liter. The average cost per liter of gasoline this week was PLN 7.74 and the price was exactly the same for a liter of diesel fuel. Also the price of LPG, which decreased slightly each week, this was also the case in recent days – on average in Poland, LPG cost an average of PLN 3.45 / l “- informed e-petrol.pl.

However, the forecasts of e-petrol.pl show that on Saturday and Tuesday both PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos will introduce further changes to their wholesale price lists. “It must be clearly stated, most likely these will be upward changes. As a consequence, the prices of gasoline, diesel and heating oil may increase by several dozen zlotys” – analysts at e-petrol.pl forecast.

They added that the situation on the fuel market, especially recently, clearly showed that the increases or decreases in prices of fuel producers do not immediately transfer to filling stations, therefore the slowdown at the stations should not stop yet.

“Average level of fuel prices will fall further”

As Urszula Cieślak and Rafał Zywert from BM Reflex pointed out, the list of stations introducing promotional discounts during the holidays is growing. “In response to the movement of the largest operator on the retail market, promotional campaigns at the stations were also decided by, among others, foreign concerns and private station networks” – they indicated. They added that taking into account the level of discounts, drivers will refuel from 20 to 40 cents cheaper at selected stations.

In the opinion of experts, in the current situation “it seems highly probable that in the coming days the average level of fuel prices will fall further, although there is no room for cuts of 20 or more than PLN 0.20 per liter, as was the case last week”.

According to analysts of BM Reflex, with the end of the downward correction in the crude oil market and due to the marked depreciation of the zloty against the dollar, further major reductions in fuel prices in the domestic market are “questionable”.

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