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Fuel prices at gas stations (Pb95, diesel, LPG). February 2024

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Deepening reductions in wholesale fuel prices in the first half of last week influenced the situation at stations – said Refleks analysts. In turn, according to the e-petrol.pl portal, the increasingly expensive crude oil and the increase in wholesale fuel prices indicate that there will be further price increases at gas stations in the coming week.

“The beginning of February on the domestic fuel market brought a continuation of price increases at gas stations, but the dynamics of changes was much slower than a week ago. Crude oil prices were rising globally. This is bad news for drivers, because we can expect a further increase in refueling costs,” e-analysts said. petrol.pl.

Fuel prices at stations in February 2024

They pointed out that fuel sellers no longer have much space to absorb price increases by limiting their margins, which, given the high prices on the wholesale market, additionally indicates further increases at gas stations.

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e-petrol.pl forecasts the following price ranges for individual fuel types for the coming week: PLN 6.31-6.42/l for 95-octane petrol, PLN 6.54-6.66/l for diesel, PLN 2.91-2.97/l for autogas.

Analysts remind that the beginning of February brought further retail growth fuel prices. Unleaded 95 petrol has gone up in price by 2 cents and a liter of this fuel costs on average PLN 6.36. In the case of diesel and autogas, the increase was one grosz. The current average price of diesel is PLN 6.55/l, and those who fill up with LPG pay an average of PLN 2.93/l.

What happened to fuel prices at stations?

“The deepening reductions in wholesale fuel prices in the first half of last week influenced the situation in retail. In a short time, wholesale fuel prices dropped by 7-9 groszy per liter, which was enough to reduce fuel prices at some stations, especially the one where fuel from cheaper deliveries arrived. At some stations, prices remained unchanged or continued to increase. This varied situation at stations across the country meant that average fuel prices this week changed slightly compared to last week’s levels,” said Refleks analysts.

They reported that “currently, we pay on average for fuel: unleaded 95 PLN – PLN 6.40/l (-1 gr/l during the week), unleaded 98 – PLN 6.94/l (+1 gr/l), diesel oil PLN 6.58/l (-1 gr/l), autogas – PLN 2.90/l (-1 gr/l).

“A reversal of the direction of price changes on the domestic wholesale market in mid-week due to the increase in crude oil prices may result in the return of price increases to gas stations. In the case of gasoline, average prices in the country may increase by 3-5 gr/l, diesel oil by 7-7″ 10 gr/l,” said Reflex.

He added that “refueling costs, despite the January price increases at gas stations, remain lower than last year” and “we pay PLN 28 and PLN 42 less for 95 and 98 petrol, respectively, PLN 89/l less for diesel and PLN 32/l less for autogas.” than a year ago.”

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