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Fuel prices at gas stations – PB95, ON, LPG. Analysts’ forecasts – second half of November 2021

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The reductions in fuel prices on the wholesale market are likely to stop the increases at gas stations, analysts from the Reflex Brokerage House predict. Similarly, forecasts by e-petrol.pl, although the portal notes that “for the first time in history, the average prices of basic fuels this week were sold at record high prices”.

Prices at gas stations

“At the stations, for the first time in history, the average prices of basic fuels this week were sold at record high prices – over PLN 6 per liter, but declines in wholesale sales may result in a pleasant, from the drivers’ point of view, a slight discount at stations petrol “- we read in the commentary of e-petrol.pl analysts.

We also learn that according to forecasts “after relatively large discounts in wholesale sales, which we witnessed at the end of the week, on Saturday and Tuesday both PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos will introduce only cosmetic changes to their wholesale price lists”.


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Fuel prices – analysts’ forecasts

“Such a stabilization of prices may result in the fact that the discount in wholesale from recent days may soon reach petrol stations and trigger the downward movements in prices on pylons so expected by customers – there are many indications that the price of gasoline will again fall below the level of PLN 6 / l” – analysts predict.

They add that “the latest analysis of e-petrol.pl fuel prices shows that after Sunday the most popular unleaded petrol should be refueled on average at PLN 5.98-6.10 per liter, while diesel car owners will spend PLN 6.01-6.12 / l “.

“On the other hand, drivers will not count on reductions in the case of autogas. Here, increases in wholesale prices related to the lack of LPG availability have been moving to retail price lists for a long time – next week the average price for a liter of this fuel will be 3.33-3.41 PLN “- forecasts e-petrol.pl.

Fuel price forecast – November 22-28, 2021e-petrol.pl

Oil prices and fuel

“As a result of the changes in the situation on the oil and currency markets, we are seeing price reductions in the wholesale market. This should be a guarantee to stop price increases at the stations. If wholesale prices remain at this current lower level or fall further, there will be a greater chance for prices to return. basic fuels at stations to a level below PLN 6 / l “- analysts from BM Relfex wrote in the report.

“Prices for the January series of Brent crude oil contracts end another week with a decline. On Friday morning, Brent crude oil is trading at $ 78.80 / bbl and is around $ 3 / bbl lower than a week ago. The drop in crude oil prices is a result of expectations of the release of strategic crude oil reserves. and the accelerating wave of coronavirus, which in Europe forces the first lockdowns of economies “- they added.

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