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Fuel prices at stations in 2021. Drivers can expect increases

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Further increases in fuel prices should be expected at petrol stations. According to analysts, their scale may reach a few pennies per liter. They remind that during the year prices increased by more than 20 percent, and in the case of LPG – more than 40 percent.

Analysts from the Reflex office indicate that in the past week, the prices of the fuels offered have changed to a greater or lesser extent at almost all stations. Depending on the fuel, the increases were on average from PLN 2 to PLN 0.7 per liter on a national scale. However, at some stations, the prices of gasoline and diesel grew by more than 10 cents per liter.

Fuel prices at stations

According to Reflex, average fuel prices are currently at the level of: 95 lead-free petrol – PLN 5.79 / l, 98 lead-free petrol – PLN 5.99 / l, diesel – PLN 5.54 / l and autogas – 2.82 PLN / l.

For comparison, a year ago, we paid PLN 1.28 / l less for 95 petrol than today, for diesel – 1.13 PLN / l, while in the case of LPG we pay 81 groszy per liter more.

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“In the next few weeks, there is no chance for a significant improvement. For this to happen, the negative scenario of the impact of the coronavirus on fuel consumption would have to be fulfilled. The introduction of restrictions in the movement would reduce demand and could limit the increase in oil prices” – we read in the commentary Reflex.


Reasons for increases

According to the analysts of e-petrol.pl, the reason for the increase in retail prices may be dynamic increases on the international market – demand grew due to overcoming the coronavirus and caused a surge in prices, and the recent collapse of production in the USA may extend the upward streak.

According to e-petrol.pl, changes in fuel prices in wholesale sales and the delay with which they were transferred to retail price lists are still visible at individual stations in different regions of the country, where clear differences can be seen on the pylons of gas stations.

“In the coming days, prices should level out in different parts of the country – the most popular 95 lead-free petrol should be refueled on average at PLN 5.73-5.68 per liter, while diesel fuel owners will spend 5.49-5.61 Next week, the price of autogas will also increase – on average, you will pay PLN 2.76-2.82 per liter of LPG “- indicated in the comment e-petrol.pl.

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