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Fuel prices at stations in October – ON, Pb95. E-petrol analysis

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Price increases at gas stations have accelerated this week, despite the visibly cheaper oil prices in the world last week – analysts of the e-petrol.pl portal pointed out on Wednesday. They added that the upward changes are most felt by drivers who refuel with diesel. – This fuel has increased in price the most – they pointed out.

Data from e-petrol.pl show that on Wednesday, a liter of diesel oil, after an increase of PLN 12, costs on average PLN 6.14. “There is also a clear change in the average nationwide price of Pb95 gasoline, which has gone up by 8 groszy and amounts to PLN 6.07/l,” experts calculated, adding that autogas did not resist the increase either, with the price increasing by 4 groszy to level 3, PLN 03/l. “Thus, its average price exceeded PLN 3 for the first time since May this year,” it was noted.

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More expensive for diesel drivers

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Analysts indicated that changes fuel prices drivers of diesel cars are most affected “because this fuel has become the most expensive”. However, e-petro.pl experts pointed out that there are also many facilities fighting for customers with prices lower than the competition.

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As they calculated, this week refueling with Pb95 is the cheapest in Małopolska and Warmia and Mazury, where a liter of this gasoline costs PLN 6.02. In Podkarpacie, with a price of PLN 6.05/l, diesel is the cheapest, and in the Silesian Voivodeship, LPG is the cheapest – a liter in this region costs PLN 2.96/l. “Unleaded 95 and diesel oil are the most expensive in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, where they cost PLN 6.19 and 6.38/l. The highest prices for autogas are in Lower Silesia – PLN 3.10/l,” the portal reported.

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