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Fuel prices at stations. Pb95, autogas, diesel. Expert commentary

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Retail fuels have become cheaper, but given the high margins of service station operators, the scale of reductions is not satisfactory, the e-petrol.pl portal assessed on Wednesday. His estimates show that the average price of a liter of diesel has fallen by PLN 0.5 since the beginning of December; for other fuels the changes are imperceptible.

As indicated by e-petrol.pl analysts, after a 5-grosz drop in the first days of December, the nationwide diesel fuel price is at PLN 7.69. In their opinion, in the case of 95-octane petrol and autogas, the changes are almost imperceptible – these fuels became cheaper by a penny to the level of PLN 6.53 and PLN 2.96 per liter, respectively. According to portal experts, the scale of reductions is limited by high margins of station operators.

We will refuel the cheapest in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship

The e-petrol.pl data shows that the cheapest regions in terms of prices are Warmińsko-Mazurskie, where the lowest cost of refueling with Pb95 petrol and diesel, PLN 6.38 and PLN 7.53 per liter, respectively, and Świętokrzyskie – with the lowest price LPG at the level of PLN 2.74 per liter. On the other hand, filling up with 95-octane petrol and diesel oil is the most expensive in Podkarpacie, PLN 6.62 and PLN 7.78 per liter, respectively. Autogas with a price of PLN 3.11 per liter is still the most expensive in Lower Silesia, according to data from e-petrol.pl.

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