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Fuel prices at stations. Refueling is the most expensive in over 2 months

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According to analysts of the e-petrol.pl portal, “the effects of rising crude oil prices are becoming more and more felt at stations.” A liter of 95-octane petrol costs on average PLN 6.42 and is 6 cents more expensive than a week ago. During this time, the price of diesel oil increased by 8 cents and currently costs PLN 6.63 per liter – it was reported.

Analysts of the e-petrol.pl portal pointed out that gasoline and diesel prices have “gone up noticeably” in recent days.

“A liter of 95-octane gasoline is offered in retail sales at an average price of PLN 6.42 and costs 6 groszy more than a week ago. The average nationwide price of diesel oil has increased by 8 groszy, which is now PLN 6.63/l,” they informed , adding that LPG has become slightly cheaper – “a liter of autogas costs a penny less than a week ago, i.e. PLN 2.92.”

Expensive fuel at stations

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According to experts, these are the effects of rising oil prices, which are “increasingly felt” at stations where refueling is “the most expensive in over two months.”

According to e-petrol.pl data, currently Pb95 gasoline is the cheapest in Greater Poland, where its liter costs on average PLN 6.30. “The Łódź Voivodeship is distinguished by the lowest prices of diesel oil and LPG – an average of PLN 6.54 and 2.82 per liter of these fuels” – it was noted.

Experts noted that drivers in Podlasie, Mazovia and Lower Silesia pay the most for refueling this week. “In the east of Poland, 95-octane petrol is the most expensive at PLN 6.54/l, and in the central part of the country, diesel is at PLN 6.71/l. In southwestern Poland, the most expensive is autogas, a liter of which costs an average of PLN 3.00 per liter. PLN,” analysts reported.

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