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Fuel prices at stations. The latest analysts’ forecasts

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According to analysts, we will see a significant increase in diesel oil prices over the next several days. Experts indicate that production in the Gulf of Mexico has not been fully restored, and OPEC countries and other oil producers are reluctant to increase production beyond the established limit.

According to the summary of the past week on the fuel market, diesel was the most expensive.

Prices at petrol stations

“The smallest changes were recorded in the case of premium fuels, which means that their prices at most stations manage to remain at the level of PLN 5.99 / l or below. The price of diesel oil increased the most, by an average of PLN 0.10 / l. Average fuel prices affect is currently at the level of: 95 lead-free petrol – 5.80 PLN / l (+2 gr / l), 98 lead-free petrol – 5.99 PLN / l (+1 gr / l), and for diesel – 5.64 PLN / l (+10 gr / l) and autogas – 2.85 PLN / l (+3 gr / l) “- it was written in the Friday report by BM Reflex.

The significant increase in diesel oil prices in the past week was also indicated in the e-petrol.pl report.

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“The wholesale price lists of Polish refineries are particularly clearly higher for diesel. A cubic meter of this fuel costs an average of PLN 4,522 today, which is nearly PLN 100 more than last weekend. In the case of fuel oil, the upward move is also very clear – since last weekend. on Saturdays, the price of this fuel increased by over PLN 76 to PLN 3,116 / cubic meter. ” – stated in the Friday report e-petrol.pl.

“In the case of gasoline, the change is much smaller. Pb95 is sold on average at PLN 4,471.6 per cubic meter, which is only less than PLN 2 more than on Saturday. The current average price of Pb98 gasoline is PLN 4,777.6 per cubic meter, i.e. nearly PLN 8 above the price list from last weekend “- added the portal.


Fuel prices – analysts’ forecasts

Analysts from both centers agree that prices can be expected to rise further in the coming days. As indicated in the BM Reflex report, there is still a surplus of demand over supply in the absence of further restrictions restricting population mobility, production in the Gulf of Mexico has still not been fully restored, and OPEC countries and other oil producers are not willing to increase production beyond the set limit.

“In the next dozen or so days, we will probably expect a further, even quite significant increase in diesel prices, thus reducing the difference between the price of 95 lead-free petrol and diesel fuel at petrol stations. The wholesale diesel prices are already higher than the wholesale 95 gasoline prices. say that such a situation is not new and we have had periods several times when the prices of diesel at the stations were equal to or even exceeded the level of gasoline “- indicated in the BM Reflex report.

It added that the potential for an increase in gasoline prices is much smaller than in the case of diesel fuel. Also e-petrol analysts believe that in the coming days a significant increase in diesel prices can be expected.

“In the period between September 27 and October 3, we expect that 95-octane gasoline will be in the price range of PLN 5.76-5.87 / l. However, they should remain unchanged in the region of PLN 6 per liter of the price of 98-octane unleaded gasoline. In the case of diesel, the upward shift will be much more noticeable – here, for the average price, the forecast is currently PLN 5.61-5.72 / l. Also in the case of autogas prices, the upward scenario will be very likely – we forecast prices at the level of 2.82-2. , 90 PLN / l “- it was written in the e-petrol report.

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