Fuel prices. Diesel oil continues to become more expensive – Orlen and Aramco increase wholesale prices, bad news for diesel owners


Wholesale diesel prices continue to rise. On Tuesday, further increases in Orlen’s price list came into force. Ekodiesel wholesale diesel oil is the most expensive since the beginning of April 2023. However, the prices of unleaded 95 petrol decreased slightly. A similar situation also applies to fuel prices in Aramco Poland.

On Tuesday, further increases were introduced in Orlen’s price list. Ekodiesel diesel oil increased in price to PLN 5,390 per thousand liters, previously it cost PLN 5,338. This means an increase of 5 cents per liter. This is the highest level since April 7 this year, when this species cost PLN 5,408. This means an increase of PLN 632 since the parliamentary elections (an increase of PLN 63 per liter).

On Tuesday, wholesale fuel prices at Aramco Poland also went up. According to this price list, one thousand liters of Eurodiesel diesel oil costs PLN 5,462, previously it was PLN 5,412.

This is bad news for diesel owners who can expect higher prices diesel prices at gas stations.

However, unleaded 95 gasoline dropped in wholesale in Orlen by PLN 22 to PLN 5,171 per thousand liters. This is the lowest level since October 28, but still significantly higher than before the parliamentary elections. Since the election gasoline price 95 in wholesale increased by PLN 417, which means an increase of approximately 42 groszy per liter. The wholesale price of unleaded 95 gasoline also dropped in Aramco Poland on Tuesday – to PLN 5,168 per thousand liters.

Economist Rafał Mundry referred to the latest changes in Orlen’s price list in an entry on X (formerly Twitter). “Diesel oil wholesale is up another day at Orlen. 98, another day unchanged,” Mundry wrote.

“But 95 is down 2 cents for the second day. 7 is temporarily moving away from the front,” the economist added.

At the same time, he pointed out that “in the last two weeks, oil (also due to the strong zloty) has become cheaper by about 11 percent.”

What influences wholesale fuel prices?

As we read on Orlen’s website, the level of wholesale fuel prices is influenced primarily by taxes and fees imposed on fuels, i.e. excise duty, fuel fee and VAT, as well as the reserve fee, the price of crude oil and finished products on global stock exchanges, dollar’s exchange rate and domestic market conditions shaped by competition.

Similar explanations can be found on the Aramco Poland website. “The main factors influencing the SPOT prices are the quotations of petroleum products and biocomponents on European markets, the exchange rates of the US dollar and euro at the National Bank of Poland, taxes and other public levies, and the current demand and supply situation on the domestic fuel market,” we read.

Brent crude oil is currently cheaper than a month ago by over 6%.

Brent crude oil prices last monthstooq.pl

On Tuesday afternoon, the price for an American dollar was nearly PLN 4.18. This is over 14 groszy less than a month ago. The euro cost about PLN 4.46 and is almost 11 cents cheaper than a month ago.

About rising fuel prices Jan Szewczak, member of the Orlen management board for financial matters, said during last week’s press conference. The company’s representative paid attention primarily to events in the Middle East.

– These are trade routes, these are the routes along which tankers and crude oil flow, these are the areas around Saudi Arabia, a large exporter of crude oil. These are also the influences of recessionary phenomena in the global and European economy. All this needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis. So don’t believe in these various stories, fairy tales made of moss and ferns, about how much fuel will cost there – said Szewczak.

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