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Fuel prices. Gasoline, diesel, autogas – forecasts by BM Reflex, e-petrol. A chance for a reduction in gasoline prices down to PLN 0.10 per liter

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Next week there will be a chance for a reduction in the price of gasoline to PLN 0.10 per liter – analysts from the Reflex Brokerage House forecast. Diesel prices should remain stable or increase slightly. Analysts at the e-petrol industry portal pointed out that last week crude oil returned to levels below $ 100 per barrel.

The data of the Reflex Brokerage House shows that it is up-to-date fuel prices are as follows: 95 lead-free petrol – PLN 7.58 / l, 98 lead-free petrol – PLN 8.27 / l, diesel – PLN 7.64 / l, and autogas – PLN 3.42 / l. Reflex analysts pointed out that this week the dynamics of price changes at the stations had slowed down.

“This means that, as expected, we saw a reduction in average fuel prices of a few groszy. It should be emphasized that, however, at some stations this week’s refueling was more expensive and it was more noticeable for those who refueled with diesel. while gasoline prices rose to 3-5 gr / l “- reads the Friday report.

Fuel prices in Poland

“Brent crude oil prices at the end of the week fell below $ 100 per barrel, which unfortunately will not significantly improve the situation on the domestic fuel market, especially with regard to diesel fuel. This is due to the fact that while gasoline prices on the European market this week they were clearly going down, it diesel fuel prices remained more stable “- noted analysts at BM Reflex.

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In their opinion, the decreases that could take place as a result of cuts in the oil and fuel markets were compensated by the weakening of the zloty against the dollar. As a consequence, the wholesale prices of diesel oil changed slightly, and the wholesale Pb 95 petrol decreased by PLN 0.15 per liter and may even get cheaper. According to analysts at BM Reflex, “next week there will be a chance for a reduction in gasoline prices to PLN 0.10 per liter, diesel prices should remain stable or slightly rise”.

Analysts of the e-petrol industry portal pointed out that, from Saturday, domestic fuel producers will most likely introduce further adjustments to their wholesale price lists. “The forecasts of e-petrol.pl for this market segment for Tuesday indicate a possible stabilization of diesel oil prices and further, but smaller than before, drops in wholesale gasoline prices. For drivers, such decisions of Polish fuel producers mean that the price situation at the stations petrol engines will also not change rapidly “- they pointed out.

In their opinion, in the case of EU95 petrol, in the third week of July, we can expect a slight downward correction. As they added, the price stabilization should apply to diesel and autogas prices.

Crude oil – quotes

Analysts at BM Reflex indicated that for the second week in a row we have been observing a decline in oil prices on global stock exchanges. “The September series of Brent crude oil contracts temporarily fell to the region of $ 94 a barrel. On Friday morning Brent oil is $ 99 a barrel and is $ 8 a barrel cheaper than a week ago. Russian Urals oil fell to around $ 65 a barrel. . per barrel “- we read in the Friday report.

The representatives of e-petrol noted that the reasons for the declines were primarily concerns about the effects of the recession on fuel demand on the international market. “This kind of concern has arisen, inter alia, in the United States, where the vision clear interest rate increases was associated with an economic slowdown that would hit oil demand. In addition, the vision of demand constraints is associated with subsequent COVID-19 outbreaks China and such reports at the beginning of the week pushed oil prices down by more than $ 7.5 “, they noted.

The International Energy Agency has revised downward forecasts for global crude oil demand growth this and next year by 0.1 million barrels per day to 1.7 million barrels per day and to 2.1 million barrels per day.

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