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Fuel prices. Germany – new records at the stations

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Fuel prices in Germany set new records. In order to save some money, our neighbors go to the Czech Republic to refuel. Over the weekend, you could pay even 44 cents less for a liter of gasoline there – reports “Bild”.

You can see the effects of the highest inflation since 1993 – everything costs more this fall: food, electricity, gas, car fuel, construction, hairdressing services. According to the Federal Statistical Office, consumer prices increased by 4.1 percent. compared to the same month in 2020

Germany. Fuel prices at stations in the Czech Republic are lower

“To fill up their cars cheaper, many Germans took the weekend to a trip to the price paradise,” writes “Bild” and gives examples: while in Dresden (Saxony) a liter of Super gasoline cost EUR 1.779 on Sunday morning, in a distance of approx. km in Czech Chlumec only EUR 1.34.

The difference was 43.9 cents per liter, which could save up to 20-30 euros with the entire fuel tank in the car.

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Oil and gasoline prices break new records, politicians are wondering how they can counteract such a situation, informs “FAZ” on Monday. Ad hoc measures such as “cruising” between gas stations in search of lower prices help to a very limited extent.

Oil and gasoline prices at their highest levels in years

Oil and gasoline prices hit their highs in many years at the end of the week; on Monday, the price of diesel fuel also reached a new record high, the ADAC reports. North Sea crude oil was $ 85 a barrel on Friday, the highest price in more than three years. The premium gasoline price rose to EUR 1.653 per liter (national average) on Thursday, the highest level in nine years. “Prices have been higher in some places for a long time,” emphasizes “FAZ”.


The price of diesel fuel on Sunday averaged EUR 1,555 per liter across the country. The previous record from August 26, 2012 was EUR 1,554, the ADAC reported on Monday.

The Federal Antimonopoly Office said choosing the right gas station, depending on the location and time of day, could save an average of 20 cents per liter. Fuel price comparison applications can be helpful in this search.

Tax cut among politicians’ proposals

There is no shortage of proposals from politicians on how to ease the heavy burdens for consumers resulting from rising energy prices. “After MEP Katarina Barley caused a storm by telling consumers to simply turn on the heating and wear warm sweaters, there were other proposals – including the idea of ​​lowering taxes and duties on gasoline,” writes “FAZ”.

The latter was supported by, among others Dietmar Bartsch, the leader of the left-wing parliamentary party, and Andreas Scheuer (CDU), minister of transport.

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