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Fuel prices in Poland go up. Forecasts by BM Reflex and e-petrol.pl

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Prices at gas stations in Poland will certainly increase, analysts predict. As they point out, it is increasingly difficult to find stations where you can refuel for less than PLN 6 per liter. Since the beginning of the week, we have been noticing greater price changes on the wholesale market, which will continue in the following days, analysts say.

Analysts from the Reflex brokerage house assessed that “the period of stable fuel prices at gas stations is behind us.” As they noticed, we have been observing gas price increases at gas stations since the beginning of September. “From PLN 2.76/l, autogas prices increased this week to PLN 3.07/l, and this is probably not the end of the changes. We expect more and more dynamic changes in the case of other fuels,” they wrote in their Friday commentary.

Fuel prices in Poland go up

“The average prices of petrol and diesel oil have been increasing since the beginning of the month, but from Thursday, October 19, it is an opportunity to buy petrol and diesel oil at the price of PLN 5.99/l, especially after prices at Orlen stations increased above PLN 6/l.” – added Refleks analysts.

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Representatives of the industry portal e-petrol.pl emphasized that “it is becoming increasingly difficult to find stations where you can refuel for less than PLN 6 per liter.” In their opinion, “this is a signal that the upward forecast will begin to be realized in retail.”

The Reflex brokerage house provided the current averages fuel prices at stations:

  • unleaded petrol 95 – PLN 6.11 per liter (an increase of PLN 3 per liter during the week),
  • unleaded petrol 98 – PLN 6.77/l (an increase of 2 groszy),
  • diesel oil – PLN 6.19/l (an increase of 3 groszy),
  • autogas – PLN 3.07/l (an increase of 6 groszy).

According to analysts, “the average level of changes reflects the direction in which prices at stations will go in the coming days, but the scale of changes and the level of prices at individual stations will continue to vary.”

Experts drew attention to rising wholesale fuel prices. “Since the beginning of the week, we have been noticing the first major price changes on the wholesale market after September 20, which will continue in the following days. This, in turn, will result in a further increase in retail prices. Gasoline and diesel prices in the period October 23-27 will increase to PLN 6.20 and PLN 6.30/l, respectively,” said Refleks representatives.

E-petrol.pl analysts also expect increases. “Fears that we would see a significant jump in prices at gas stations right after the elections turned out to be unfounded. Fuel prices will certainly increase, because such a large disproportion to the prices of petroleum products in Europe cannot be maintained indefinitely, but it will be a process extended in time,” they noted. Analysts added that “the situation on international markets, where oil prices are rising again, is not favorable for drivers in Poland.”

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