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Fuel prices – May 2023. How much will we pay for fuel? Predictions

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According to the forecasts of the analysts of the e-petrol portal, even before the May weekend, you will be able to feel the reduction of fuel prices at stations, with diesel oil being particularly cheap. When it comes to the region of Poland where you can refuel the cheapest, it is Podlasie.

The latest survey of the station, conducted by e-petrol.pl, shows that a liter of oil has become cheaper by PLN 0.22 in the last week and costs PLN 6.49 on average today. “Compared to the situation from a year ago, diesel is cheaper by over PLN 0.70 and its average nationwide price today is identical to the average gasoline price Pb95 from a year ago” – it was written.

Fuel prices in May 2023

It was pointed out that the owners of cars with a petrol engine also have reasons to be satisfied – 95-octane petrol is 10 groszy cheaper than a week ago and an average price of PLN 6.72 per liter is paid. According to analysts, however, this fuel is more than PLN 0.20 more expensive than a year ago.

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It has been calculated that the smallest reduction – two groszy – applies to LPG, which is offered at stations for PLN 3.07 per liter, which means that this fuel has become cheaper by over PLN 0.50 per year.

The e-petrol.pl analysis shows that Podlasie stands out today on the fuel map of Poland, where the lowest cost of refueling with Pb95 petrol and diesel: PLN 6.67 and PLN 6.43 per liter. On the other hand, in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, autogas is the cheapest (PLN 2.98/l).

“Definitely, it is the most expensive in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, where e-petrol.pl recorded the highest prices of Pb95 petrol, diesel oil and LPG. They amount to PLN 6.77, PLN 6.57 and PLN 3.18/l, respectively” – it was written.

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