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Fuel prices. Million losses of Warsaw, Obajtek’s discussion with Trzaskowski on Twitter

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“For 10 years, fuel prices in Poland have increased less than ticket prices in Warsaw, or garbage collection, which has increased by 200%,” wrote the president of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek in social media, responding to the allegations of the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, about millions of losses to the capital due to increases in fuel prices. The president retorted that there had been no increase in ticket prices for 10 years and that he was not planning any increases this year either.

“Orlen, by inflating margins, made money on Poles and Poles. Also on local governments – already plundered by the government. @warszawa also suffered millions of losses. This money could be spent, for example, on school lunches for children. But only a party-state juggernaut will eat” – the president of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski first wrote on Twitter.

Obajtek compares fuel prices to hikes that never happened

The president of Orlen did not leave Trzaskowski’s entry unanswered. “For 10 years, fuel prices in Poland have increased less than the prices of tickets in Warsaw, or garbage collection, which increased by 200%. Fuel in Poland is among the cheapest in the EU and today, even in the face of war, you can buy it almost twice for the minimum wage more than when you were in power,” Obajtek replied.

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After this entry by the president of PKN Orlen, the president of Warsaw demands an apology from him. “Ticket prices at @warszawa have not increased for 10 years. Please apologize. I have decided that they will not increase this year either. to make money on them. It’s a shame,” said Trzaskowski.

In an earlier entry, the mayor of Warsaw confirmed that the capital city, like many other local governments in Poland, intends to submit an application to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to investigate Orlen’s fuel price policy.

“We will not leave it like this. Orlen’s actions will not remain without reaction. @warszawa, together with other Polish cities, will send a notification to @UOKiKgovPL on this matter. We will act to defend the interests of our cities. We will fight to defend the residents. @takdlapolski,” wrote Trzaskowski.

– On December 31, the “miracle over the distributors” took place. This miracle revealed the scale of how we had been deceived for several months. It suddenly turned out that a key company that has a monopoly on wholesale fuel trade. admitted that it overestimated the margin it imposed on wholesale fuel sales – said the vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski at the Tuesday conference of local government officials announcing the submission of applications to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

VAT on fuels has changed – it has increased from 8 to 23 percent

From January 1, 2023, VAT rates on motor fuels increased from 8 to 23 percent. This is due to changes in the so-called anti-inflation shield, which has been operating in a truncated form since this year. She went up too fuel surcharge, by about PLN 0.14 per liter of petrol and by PLN 0.10 per liter of diesel.

At the same time, wholesale fuel prices in PKN Orlen dropped sharply on Saturday. Orlen has a dominant position. EU95 petrol and diesel prices fell by around 12% to their lowest levels since February/March 2022. There was another cut on Sunday

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The president of the company, Daniel Obajtek, spoke on Tuesday about the situation related to fuel prices. – PKN Orlen is a multi-energy concern that stabilizes fuel prices in the country – he declared. As he pointed out, if the company did not communicate that it would try to maintain prices with the increase in VAT, panic could break out on the market.

Obajtek: Panic could break out in the marketTVN24

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