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Fuel prices. Optimistic forecasts for drivers – reports by BM Reflex, E-petrol

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Fuel at stations should become cheaper in the coming days. “The probability of reductions is high, especially since wholesale prices should continue to decline,” analysts from the Reflex Brokerage House said on Friday. According to e-petrol.pl, drivers who fill up with petrol will especially feel relief. Changes may amount to several cents per liter.

BM Reflex reported that currently at stations, a liter of unleaded 95 petrol costs on average PLN 6.54 (a decrease of 1 grosz per liter during the week), unleaded 98 petrol – PLN 7.10 (no change), diesel oil – 6, PLN 71 (decrease by 3 groszy), autogas – PLN 3.08 (no change).

“Since mid-October, we have observed a clear upward trend at gas stations. In recent days, the increases have finally started to slow down,” e-petrol.pl analysts noted in their Friday commentary.

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Fuel prices should fall

Refleks experts explained that both the correction on the crude oil market and the strengthening of the Polish zloty against the dollar translate directly into the price level on the wholesale market.

A barrel of Brent crude oil on the London Stock Exchange is currently more than 10% cheaper than a month ago. On Friday evening, you have to pay almost PLN 4.03 for an American dollar. This is 15 cents less than a month ago.

“The prices of petrol and oils in domestic refineries have been falling successively since November 4 and 8. Pb95 unleaded petrol is cheaper by almost PLN 30 per liter net, and diesel oil by almost PLN 19/l,” we read.

Analysts pointed out that the depth of the correction in wholesale “and the first reductions recorded at some stations are a sign that refueling should be cheaper in the coming days.” “The probability of reductions is high, especially since wholesale prices should continue to decline. Next week we expect Pb95 petrol prices at stations to drop by an average of PLN 10-15/l, and diesel prices by an average of PLN 10-12/l,” Refleks experts predict.

E-petrol.pl analysts also expect reductions at stations. “The drop in prices on the wholesale market gives reasonable hope for a reduction in refueling costs in the coming week. Drivers who fill up with petrol will especially feel relief for their wallets,” they emphasized.

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