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Fuel prices – petrol, diesel, autogas. Good news for diesel owners – BM Reflex forecasts, e-petrol

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Fuel prices at stations have gone down. You have to pay for diesel as much as they cost before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and petrol prices are currently at their lowest since September 2022, analysts from the Reflex Brokerage House pointed out. In their opinion, “the beginning of the second half of May, due to the slowdown of discounts on the wholesale market, will be marked by greater price stability”.

According to BM Reflex this week 95 unleaded petrol costs PLN 6.50 per liter on average, 98 unleaded petrol – PLN 7.10. In both cases it is 12 cents less than a week ago. On the other hand, diesel oil became cheaper by PLN 0.16 per litre, to PLN 6.17. The average price of autogas is PLN 3.00, three groszy less than a week ago.

e-petrol.pl analysts pointed out that in the case of diesel fuel “at some stations” you can already see price levels less than PLN 6 per liter. “However, we still have a long way to go before the average price drops below this barrier and such a change should not be expected in the coming days” – they noted.

Also representatives of BM Reflex pointed out that “we observe large differences between the minimum and maximum levels of prices for individual types of fuel, reaching up to PLN 0.50 per litre”. “The lowest diesel prices at a few stations, they fell to around PLN 5.87/l, and Pb 95 petrol and autogas to PLN 6.20 and PLN 2.70/l, respectively.

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Average retail fuel prices as of May 11, 2023BM Reflex

Fuel prices – how much will we pay at stations?

The forecasts of Refleks analysts, however, show that “another week of retail price declines is behind us, but most likely the last one with such large reductions”. “The beginning of the second half of May, due to the slowdown in discounts on the wholesale market, will be marked by greater stabilization of prices at stations. However, we will still encounter stations with lower prices than this week fuel prices at the stations.”

Analysts pointed out that we have entered a period of seasonally increasing demand for gasoline, “hence the high probability that their prices will increase in the coming weeks. Despite the forecast increase in prices, it is unlikely that last year’s record of PLN 7.97 / l will be beaten.” . “Regarding diesel prices, we can expect greater fluctuations towards the end of the summer,” they added.

More optimistic forecasts were presented by e-petrol.pl analysts. “For the time being, there is no chance for a quick and dynamic upturn in prices on the international market. This may mean that prices at stations in Poland may also be lower. The average prices for both petrol and diesel fuel,” they said.

They added that compared to last Saturday, the changes in average wholesale prices are upward, but one should not expect that the downward trend at petrol stations will be radically reversed for this reason.

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