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Fuel prices. Promotions for refueling at BP Polska, Amic Energy and Moya stations

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BP Polska and Amic Energy have announced that from next Friday, June 30, holiday fueling promotions will start. Drivers will be able to get a fuel discount of up to 35 groszy per litre. The Moya chain also plans to offer its customers a discount campaign.

The BP Polska network, which is second only to Orlen in terms of the number of stations in Poland, announced that the holiday promotion will start from June 30. Drivers will be able to get a discount of PLN 0.30 on a liter of petrol and diesel, as well as PLN 0.10 on a liter of LPG. The condition will be registration in the Payback program.

“The holiday offer includes discounts on 4 refuelings a month – each up to 50 liters (does not apply to fleet card payments)” – we read in a BP Polska post on Twitter.

The Amic Energy network has also decided to introduce a seasonal promotion from next Friday, which at the end of March this year. it had 117 stations. In this case, the reduction will be PLN 0.35 per litre. The limit of a single refueling with a discount is 70 liters. The promotion will apply to holders of a registered Amic Club loyalty card.

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The Moya network, owned by Anwim, is also preparing to introduce a refueling promotion. “The Moya chain plans to offer its customers a discount campaign. We will inform you about the details later this week,” Aleksander Zalewski from Anwim told TVN24 Biznes. According to the data of the Polish Organization of Trade and Oil Industry, at the end of the first quarter, the Moya network consisted of 404 petrol stations.

Orlen and Circle K about refueling promotions

Discounts at gas stations in the summer season have already been introduced by Circle K. The promotion provides that every weekend, from Friday to Sunday, drivers can get a discount of PLN 0.35 per liter of fuel: miles 95, miles Diesel, milesPLUS 95, milesPLUS 98, milesPLUS Diesel and for the purchase of LPG SupraGas.

The limit of fuel or LPG covered by the discount and purchased in one transaction is 85 liters. In addition, you must be an Extra loyalty card holder to receive the discount. The driver can receive a discount once a day.

The promotion ends on September 3.

In turn, Orlen announced that from June 30 to August 31, fuels for participants of the Vitay loyalty program will be cheaper by PLN 0.30 per liter. For holders of the Large Family Card, the discount will be PLN 0.40 per litre. The promotion provides for the possibility of obtaining a discount during four refuelings in the period of June 30 – July 31 and four refuelings in the period of August 1 – August 31. The limit of a single refueling with a discount is 50 liters.

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