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Fuel prices. Refueling promotions, but there is one condition – BM Reflex forecasts, e-petrol

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Fuel prices will probably remain unchanged next week, forecast analysts from Reflex Brokerage House. Representatives of e-petrol.pl pointed out, however, that drivers will refuel cheaper and save up to several zlotys on a tank. There will be one condition – participation in station loyalty programs.

BM Reflex analysts reported that on Thursday, June 29, the average prices for 95 unleaded petrol amounted to – 6.49 PLN / l, after a decrease of 1 grosz per liter week to week, 98 unleaded – 7.07 PLN / l (-2 PLN /l), diesel oil PLN 6.19/l (-1 PLN/l), autogas – PLN 2.87/l (-2 PLN/l). “The last week of June, among other things, due to discounts on the wholesale market, we end with lower prices fuel prices at stations. And although their scale on average is small, at some stations prices dropped by 0.5-10 PLN/l.

Fuel prices in Poland

According to e-petrol.pl analysts, the coming days may bring a slowdown in the decline in wholesale fuel prices at Polish producers, “which means that the decrease in fuel prices from this week may be partially offset”.

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At the same time, they emphasized that “we will save money at stations, but you have to be loyal”. In recent days, leading fuel chains have launched holiday promotions for refueling. According to e-petrol analysts, “proposals of service station network operators for the next 2 months are attractive, because the mere participation in loyalty programs can count on a reduction of about PLN 0.30-35 per liter and in most stations this will apply to basic fuels”.

“After taking advantage of the holiday promotions at selected stations, a liter of Pb95 petrol will cost about PLN 6.10-6.20, and diesel fuel below PLN 6/l” – representatives of BM Reflex indicated.

“In the next week, the prices at the narrowing part of the station will probably remain unchanged. We do not rule out that the owners of petrol stations, outside the promotion system, will be forced to reduce prices at the stations at the expense of the retail margin in order to compete in the fight for customers” – they added.

Refueling promotions

From June 30, fuels for participants of the Vitay loyalty program are cheaper by PLN 0.30 per liter. For holders of the Large Family Card, the discount will be PLN 0.40 per litre. The promotion provides for the possibility of obtaining a discount during four refuelings in the period of June 30 – July 31 and four refuelings in the period of August 1 – August 31. The limit of a single refueling with a discount is 50 liters.

From June 30, drivers can get a discount of PLN 0.30 per liter of regular or bp Ultimate fuel, as well as PLN 0.10 per liter of LPG. The condition is registration in the Payback program. The holiday promotion includes discounts on four refuelings a month – up to 50 liters each.

From 1 July, all EVO, EVO Plus and LPG fuels available at MOL and Lotos stations can be refueled at a discount of PLN 0.30 per liter. Participation in the Navigator program is required to take advantage of the discount. “Participants of the program will also be able to exchange points for a fuel coupon worth PLN 50. All you need is 1,200 points instead of the standard 1,500. Both promotions can be combined” – informed the press office of MOL Polska. The promotion at MOL and Lotos stations will last until July 18 this year. The discount can be used twice, each time refueling up to 100 liters of fuel.

The promotion at Shell stations will start from next Monday, July 3. Refuelers, registered users of the Shell ClubSmart loyalty program, will receive a discount of PLN 0.30 for each liter of Shell V-Power 95 and Shell V-Power Diesel fuel. “Drivers of cars with a GVW of up to 3.5 tons can take advantage of the promotion multiple times, regardless of the number or frequency of refuelling. During one visit, however, they will be able to refuel a maximum of 60 liters of fuel at a reduced price. For each liter of fuel refueled above the specified limit, the driver will pay the price regular, valid for the selected type of fuel at a given Shell station.

From June 30, the price for 1 liter of petrol or diesel is 30 groszy lower for owners of the Super Moya application. The discount is calculated up to a maximum of 30 liters of fuel. “Additionally, when buying a selected product from the gastronomic offer (coffee, tea, hot dog, casserole or sandwich), we can count on a discount of PLN 0.40 per liter. Drivers of vehicles equipped with LPG installations will receive a discount of PLN 0.10 per liter, and after buying a product from Caffe Moya – 20 groszy per liter. The discount can be obtained during four refuelings in one month – a total of eight cheaper refuelings in July-August.

Every weekend, from Friday to Sunday, drivers can get a discount of PLN 0.35 per liter of fuel: miles 95, miles Diesel, milesPLUS 95, milesPLUS 98, milesPLUS Diesel and for the purchase of LPG SupraGas. The limit of fuel or LPG covered by the discount and purchased in one transaction is 85 liters. In addition, you must be an Extra loyalty card holder to receive the discount. The driver can receive a discount once a day.

From June 30, refueling at Amic Energy stations can get a discount of PLN 0.35 per liter of fuel or diesel (Pb95, Pb95Pro, ONPro, ON, Pb98) or PLN 0.15 per liter of LPG. The limit of a single refueling with a discount is 70 liters in each calendar week of the promotion. The promotion applies to holders of a registered Amic Club loyalty card.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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