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Fuel prices. “We expect further decline”

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Next week, a further drop in retail fuel prices is expected by at least PLN 3-6 per liter, BM Reflex experts forecast in the report.

“After Sunday's OPEC+ decision, the first half of the week brought reductions in fuel prices on the domestic wholesale market, which prolongs the chances of price reductions at gas stations. Similarly to this week, in the period from June 10 to 15, we expect a further decline in retail fuel prices in the range of at least 3 to 6 groszy per liter,” analysts wrote.

They added that after further reductions, average prices in the country this week are: PLN 6.50/l (-4 gr/l) for 95 unleaded petrol; PLN 7.23/l (-2 gr/l) for 98 petrol; PLN 6.49/l (-4 gr/l) for diesel fuel and PLN 2.72/l (-2 gr/l) for autogas.

The price of gasoline has exceeded the price of diesel fuel

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“It is worth emphasizing that for the first time since September last year, the average price of Pb95 gasoline exceeded the average price of diesel at stations, although only symbolically. Diesel oil remains more expensive than 95 gasoline at some stations,” it was emphasized.

It was added that compared to the prices from a year ago, Pb98 petrol and diesel oil are more expensive, by 13 and 36 groszy per liter, respectively, and Pb95 petrol and autogas are cheaper than a year ago – by 1 and 20 groszy per liter, respectively.

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