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Fuels. Winter diesel fuel at stations. [TERMIN] Orlen, Circle K and MOL comment

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From Thursday, winter diesel fuel is mandatory for sale at gas stations. The deadline of November 16 is strictly defined in the regulation of the Minister of Economy. The regulations specify not only the deadline but also the fuel parameters. We explain what this means for drivers.

Orlen’s press office informed TVN24 Biznes in a response that “the fuel that can be sold at stations at a given time is regulated by the regulation of the Minister of Economy of October 9, 2015 on quality requirements for liquid fuels.”

The regulation distinguishes three minimum cold fuel filter plugging temperatures (CFPP) at which fuel flows smoothly in fuel systems:

  • 0 degrees C for the summer period from April 16 to September 30,
  • -10 degrees C for the transition period from March 1 to April 15 and from October 1 to November 15,
  • -20 degrees C for the winter period lasting from November 16 to the end of February.

“These regulations specify not only the exact dates of introduction of these fuels to sale, but also their parameters. Therefore, in accordance with the regulation, from November 16 to the end of February 2024, winter diesel oil will be available at all Orlen stations” – explained representatives of Płock concern.

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The Circle K press office also assured us that from November 16, the offer of winter fuels will be introduced at all stations belonging to the network. “Their parameters are consistent with the provisions specified in the regulation and are adapted to the prevailing weather conditions,” we read in the response sent to us.

Similar assurances come from the Moya gas station network and the MOL Polska press office. “Winter diesel oil will be sold at all MOL and LOTOS stations in Poland,” it was emphasized.

What does this mean for drivers?

Orlen noted that diesel oil is particularly susceptible to low temperatures. “When it drops to negative values, paraffin crystals may be released, which stick to the fuel filter and cut off its flow to the engine, which immediately immobilizes the car,” it was explained.

Therefore, in accordance with the regulations, in the period from November 16 to the end of February, the cold diesel filter blocking temperature cannot be higher than -20 degrees Celsius.

According to the Płock concern, “the switch from summer to winter fuel will not be noticeable to drivers.” “The properties of winter fuel ensure that there are no problems with operating the vehicle at negative temperatures (…). It would be different if drivers continued to use summer fuel – in such a case they could have problems with starting the engine, which would deepen as the temperature drops” – it was noted .

“In the case of standard winter diesel fuel, drivers can, above all, use their vehicles without any problems, regardless of weather conditions and low temperatures,” echoes Zbigniew Łapiński, director of logistics supply and key accounts, member of the management board of Anwim SA. The company owns the Moya station.

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