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Full Moon in August 2023. Blue Moon and Super Full Moon. When to watch the full moon?

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A blue moon will illuminate the sky tonight. This is the second full moon this month, which will once again coincide with the super full moon, as well as with a completely different, interesting phenomenon. Check whether the conditions for observing the sky will be favorable.

We will see the full moon in the sky this night. In Poland, the culmination of the phenomenon will occur on Thursday, August 31, around 3.30 am.

According to tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, although the sky over Poland will be cloudy on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, greater clearing is expected during the night. Therefore, there is a chance that we will be able to capture the full moon – especially since it is unique and also coincides with another interesting phenomenon.


Blue in name only

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This is the second full moon in August – we could observe the first one, the Sturgeon Moon, on August 1. This phenomenon is called a Blue Moon. Blue Moon). There is also an older, rarely used definition, according to which “blue” is the third of four full moons in the astronomical season. In English, there is even a phrase “once in a blue moon”, meaning something as rare as a Blue Moon.

– The Blue Moon is rare because the distance from full moon to full moon is 29.5 days. Therefore, the first full moon in the month must occur on the first day of the month, so that the second full moon occurs on the last – explained the deputy director of the Silesian Planetarium, Damian Jabłeka. – What we will be dealing with on the night of August 30-31 is the combination of the lunar and astronomical calendar with the official calendar.

It is worth noting that the natural satellite, contrary to the name of the phenomenon, will not turn blue at all. During the rising and setting of the Moon, due to the action of the atmosphere, we will see it in orange.

Moon phasesNASA/Bill Dunford

The third super full moon in a row

This year, the Blue Moon will coincide with the super full moon. For the third time in a row, the Moon will be very close to the Earth at full moon, only 357,344 kilometers from our planet. This year we will have another super full moon, in September. The opposite of this phenomenon is a mini-full moon, when the distance between the Earth and the Moon is the largest and reaches approximately 405,000 km.

Superfulls and minifulls are possible because the Moon moves around the Earth in an elliptical, not circular, orbit.

– Due to this, its distance from our planet is constantly changing, so its size as perceived by us is also different – explained Jabłeka.

Please remember that although the Moon will be closer to Earth, only the most sensitive observers will be able to notice the difference. In addition, even an “ordinary” full moon looks especially impressive during sunrise and sunset. This is due to a perceptual error made by our imagination.

– When we see something close to the surrounding buildings and hills, we try to adjust its scale. When we see something very far away, we have the impression that it is huge. In addition, the orange Moon in the still quite bright sky creates an effect that optically increases it. It will appear smaller in the dark sky, the expert said.

A blue superfull moon is a rare phenomenon. As she said NASAit last appeared in our sky in December 2009, and for the next one we will have to wait until 2037.

Not just the full moon

At night, it is worth looking not only at the dial of our natural satellite. As Karol Wójcicki, popularizer of astronomy and author of the blog “With your head in the stars”, said on social media, on the night from Wednesday to Thursday there will be a conjunction – i.e. approach – of the full Moon and Saturn. One of the largest planets in the solar system will be close to the Moon – of course only from the perspective of an observer on Earth.

MoonPAP/Adam Ziemienowicz

PAP, timeanddate.com, Head in the stars

Main photo source: BILAWAL ARBAB/PAP/EPA

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