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Full Wolf Moon. The first full moon 2022 is behind us. You showed how beautiful she was

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The Full Moon of the Wolf is the traditional name for the first full moon of the year. The phenomenon appeared in the sky on Monday night from Tuesday. We got your reports on Kontakt 24.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, we had the opportunity to admire the first full moon of the new year. Shortly before 1 am, this phenomenon reached its peak.

Full Wolf Moon

The January Full Moon is traditionally called the Wolf Moon. This term was taken from the North American tribes, which most often during this period of the year listened to the howling of wolves in the evenings. It was believed that it was caused by starvation or the strengthening of social ties in the pack.

The first full moon of the year is sometimes also called the Cold Moon, the Frozen Moon, or the Hard Moon.

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On Contact 24 we got your report from the observation of the first full moon in 2022.

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Main photo source: Contact 24

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