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Funds from KPO. Application from Poland only after the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declares

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated that the application for the payment of EU funds from the National Reconstruction Plan will be submitted by the Polish authorities only after the issue of the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court has been assessed by the Constitutional Tribunal. The decision to refer the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal was made by President Andrzej Duda, who assured that his document on this matter would be ready “in the coming days”.

When will the application for payment of funds from the National Recovery Plan be submitted? TVN24 reporter Mateusz Pół Chłopek asked the prime minister on Saturday Mateusz Morawiecki. – We will wait for the decision (…) by Constitutional Courtwhether this act (amendment to the act on the Supreme Court and some other acts – ed.) is fully compliant with our constitution – replied the head of government.

– At that time, we will have a dialogue, all the time, with the European Commission, which may also lead to the fact that the application can be submitted earlier, but I personally do not think so. I believe that it would be best and safest to wait for the law to return from the Constitutional Tribunal, the head of the government noted.

He expressed hope that “it will be soon”.

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“Irreversibility of judgments” and “exhaustion of premises for compromise”

The Prime Minister said that “the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal is final and irrevocable”. – If the Tribunal confirms the compliance with the constitution, the president signs the law and it enters into force – he said.

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He assured that he “has confirmation” from the European Commission that “then this law exhausts the premises of the compromise that was concluded with the European Commission.” – Then the funds from KPO can flow to Poland very quickly – argued Mateusz Morawiecki.

Without the president’s signature

February 10, president Andrzej Duda announced that he had decided toreferring the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court to the Constitutional Tribunalin preventive control mode.

– This means that the law will not be in force until the Court has ruled on its constitutionality – he said then in the evening address. He appealed to the judges of the Constitutional Tribunal to immediately deal with the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court.

On Saturday the president, when asked by journalists when the application will be submitted to the Constitutional Tribunal on the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, he replied that “in the coming days”. – At the moment, we are finishing the preparation of this application in the full version at the Chancellery of the President – he explained.

President: I have decided to refer the law on the Supreme Court to the Constitutional Tribunal the office of President

He noted that he was “after long consultations” with his colleagues.

– I have communicated all my conclusions and conclusions. I asked for them to be transferred specifically to the content of the application. It will indeed be the next few days when this application will be submitted to the Tribunal, Andrzej Duda assured. He stressed that “everything is within the constitutional deadline.” “The constitutional deadline will be met,” he added.

Suspended funds from the Union

The amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, the draft of which was submitted by PiS MPs, is to complete a key “milestone” for the European Commission to unlock money for National Reconstruction Plan. It provides, among other things, that it is to decide disciplinary and immunity cases of judges The Supreme Administrative Court, and not – as at present – the Chamber of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court. The amendment also provides for fundamental changes regarding the so-called test of independence and impartiality of the judge.

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The Sejm passed an amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court on 13 January this year. At the end of January, the Senate introduced 14 amendments to it, which were rejected by the Sejm last Wednesday. Then the amendment went to the desk of President Andrzej Duda.

Main photo source: Adam Guz/KPRM

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