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Further hearings in the Constitutional Tribunal postponed. “Embarrassing what is happening in this next PiS annex”

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Julia Przyłębska again failed to gather a full bench at the Constitutional Tribunal. Two important hearings have been postponed. Paralysis and conflict in the Tribunal continue, although this time the absence of one judge was “sudden but justified”.

In the morning – after turning on and off the transmission of the proceedings – for a moment it seemed that the Constitutional Tribunal would finally convene, but again nothing. – We have announced that if we have politruks in the Constitutional Tribunal instead of judges, this is how it will end – comments Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

The assessment of the president of the capital is harsh, because the stakes are high. The court is to rule, among other things, on a bill that could unlock billions of EU aid. Local governments, the government, companies and investors have been waiting for months. However, the Constitutional Tribunal cannot convene in full bench on this matter.

The next hearing is scheduled for the end of June. For the lack of the rule of law, Poland pays EU institutions a fine of half a million euros every day. People in the Tribunal receive very high salaries, and besides, the maintenance of the building itself, garden, cars or employees’ salaries is also a considerable expense. As a society that pays for it, we have the right to demand efficiency and action, not an unreadable mess.

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Dispute in the Constitutional Tribunal. Two trials postponed, full bench was not availableTVN24

Dispute at the Tribunal

However, there is a dispute in the Tribunal – several judges do not recognize Julia Przyłębska as president and do not want to adjudicate, so the full bench cannot be assembled for months. The opposition claims that the rebellious judges are Zbigniew Ziobro’s acolytes, and the rest are supporters of President Kaczyński. – The fact that you argue and do not solve basic problems is simply a mockery – assesses Włodzimierz Czarzasty, deputy speaker of the Sejm from the New Left.

– It is embarrassing what is happening in this yet another PiS annex – adds Borys Budka, PO MP. PiS destroyed the Tribunal, trampled its independence – we hear from opposition politicians. The authorities are reluctant to talk about the Tribunal and money from the EU at all. – For a year they have not dealt with the issues of the National Reconstruction Plan – says Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology when asked about EU funds.

KPO until recently was about PLN 160 billion. Recently, the government declared the use of the entire loan pool due to Poland – another hundred billion, virtual. The EU will not pay out the funds until Poland returns to EU fruit-growing standards, but the president sent the law that partially healed the situation to the Tribunal without the president’s signature, i.e. the regulations did not come into force. – We hope that this matter will be resolved as soon as possible – says Małgorzata Paprocka from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

The Sejm even passed a law that reduces the number of quorums in the Tribunal to make it easier to gather the composition. PiS assures that the bill may be adopted at the next meeting.

However, this law will only be another interference of PiS politicians in the judiciary.

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