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Gąbin Commune. The policemen found a dying sheepdog in a ditch. Thanks to their help, he was sent to a veterinary clinic

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The policemen from Gabin in the Płock poviat found a dying sheepdog in a roadside ditch. The dog was hit by a car and needed urgent vet intervention. Failure to help the animal or not notify the services in such a situation is considered an offense.

The animal was hit on the provincial road number 557 between Topólno and Konstantynów in the Płock poviat. The policemen from the police station in Gąbin received a report on this matter on Friday evening. After his admission, they went out into the field to find the injured animal. – In the forest, in a roadside ditch, they found a dying sheepdog. The woman who hit the dog first left the place and then came back. She was instructed by the policemen – reports Marta Lewandowska from the City Police Headquarters in Płock.

His paws were broken and he was unresponsive

He added that the animal had broken legs and there was no contact with it, which could indicate a severe head injury. The policemen covered him with a thermal blanket, secured the scene and called people responsible for animal protection. – The injured sheepdog has been handed over to professionals. He went to a clinic where doctors are fighting for his life – Lewandowska points out.

The police remind you that in the event of hitting a dog, the owner is responsible for not keeping an eye on the animal. He may be taken by the insurer to cover the cost of removing the damage. The driver does not incur a penalty for a collision with an animal, but should, if necessary, provide assistance or notify the relevant services. It is an offense not to do so.

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Main photo source: KMP Płock

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